Meet The MECS Team: Ohmar Parto

Position: Event Manager

How and when did you arrive at SFU?
After working for Coast Mountain Bus for 9 years, I decided to apply to SFU Temp Pool. I was a little intrigued about what it would be like  working for big Universities like UBC and SFU. Since joining the SFU community 10 years ago, I have never looked back!

What’s your favourite part of working at MECS?
The people! MECS has a wonderful team where everyone supports each other. Our internal and external clientele are awesome to work with too!

What achievement at MECS are you most proud of?
Being part of the Vibrancy Initiative, we heard (and still keep hearing) positive feedback about the project. I feel like we brought back liveliness and colour to a once distanced community.

What’s your best piece of meeting, event or conference advice?
Stay nimble and be open to change! Be patient: before you speak & act, as everything doesn’t need your immediate response; but you also have to recognize that some things require immediate attention! 

What is one fun or unexpected fact about you?
I used to have black straight hair!