H.A.V.E. Catering

SFU and MECS are pleased to offer a partnership with H.A.V.E. Culinary Training Society. H.A.V.E. (for Hope. Action. Values. Ethics) is a culinary training school that provides food service job training and work opportunities to individuals in Vancouver who experience barriers to employment. A registered charity since 2007, H.A.V.E.’s 8-week culinary training program empowers disadvantaged individuals from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and surrounding communities to achieve self-sufficiency through life skills, job training, and employment in the food service industry.

Their hands-on working classroom prepares fresh, affordable, and socially conscious catering while allowing students to gain proficiency and confidence in the kitchen while learning about nutritional guidelines, safe food practices, and meal planning.

Please note: Prices are subject to a service charge of 15%. Service is available Monday to Friday, 7:00 to 15:00