Course Descriptions

PHYS 201: STT-Undergraduate Seminar I

STT-Undergraduate Seminar I

PHYS 201

A seminar for students majoring in any Physics program to expose them to opportunities available to students with a physics degree. Seminar will include invited speakers, group discussions, and student presentations on topics including modern physics research, industrial physics, career opportunities, and communication and professional skills.

PHYS 211: Intermediate Mechanics

Intermediate Mechanics

PHYS 211

An intermediate mechanics course covering kinematics, dynamics, calculus of variations and Lagrange's equations, non-inertial reference frames, central forces and orbits, and rigid body motion. Prerequisite: MATH 251; MATH 232 or MATH 240; PHYS 255 or ENSC 380. All prerequisite courses require a minimum grade of C-. Recommended Corequisite: MATH 260 or MATH 310. Quantitative.

PHYS 233: Physics Laboratory III

Physics Laboratory III

PHYS 233

Statistical data analysis, experimental design and scientific communication, studied in the context of experiments spanning a range of physical systems. Prerequisite: PHYS 133 or PHYS 141 or ENSC 280, with a minimum grade of C-. Recommended Prerequisite: CMPT 120. Quantitative.

PHYS 255: Vibrations and Waves

Vibrations and Waves

PHYS 255

The physics of vibrations and waves. Topics include periodic motion, including free and forced oscillations, coupled oscillators, normal modes, and waves in one and higher dimensions. Prerequisite: PHYS 126 or PHYS 121 or PHYS 141, with a minimum grade of C-, or PHYS 102 with a minimum grade of B. Corequisite: MATH 251; MATH 232 or MATH 240. Recommended Corequisite: MATH 260 or MATH 310. Quantitative.

PHYS 285: Introduction to Relativity & QM

Quantum I

PHYS 285

The concepts of quantum mechanics introduced through two-level systems and explored in a way that requires only familiarity with general concepts of linear algebra. Introduction to concepts in classical and quantum information theory, bits and qubits, quantum dynamics, quantum communication and cryptography, and quantum circuits. Prerequisite: Either MATH 232 or MATH 240, with a minimum grade of C-. Quantitative.