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Portrayal of Autism in Mainstream Media

ADDL researcher Vivian Ly provided input on Sia's controversial movie "Music" in the February 18, 2021 edition of On the Coast with Gloria Macarenko. Many autistic self-advocates and community members have spoken out against the portrayal of autistic people and the depiction of physical restraint in the movie. Click here to listen to the segment in CBC's On the Coast with Gloria Macarenko

Work from home posing new challenges for disabled people

Speaking with Stephen Quinn on CBC's The Early Edition, ADDL researcher Vivian Ly discusses auto-captioning and its importance in accessbility when conferencing from home. Click here to listen to the interview on CBC's The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn.

Click here for an Auto Captioning Guide created by Vivian Ly.

'Not just a matter of throwing money': B.C. kids with autism and their caregivers lack support during COVID-19, survey says

An article by the National Post reviews the study conducted by our lab in partnership with ACT - Autism Community Training. The director of ACT, Deborah Pugh, and Dr. Grace Iarocci, discuss the current challenges faced by families of autistic children and the lack of government support. Click here to read the article by the National Post.

Global News - COVID-19 pandemic pushing B.C. families with special needs to the limit, advocates say

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in families facing new challenges, particularly families of children with special needs. Recent research in this area is reviewed, including research by Dr. Iarocci and doctoral student Vanessa Fong. Click here to read the article by Global News

CityNews 1130 - 'A cry for help': Survey shows B.C. caregivers of kids with autism struggling amid COVID-19

COVID-19 and the shift into the "new normal" had introduced significant stressors onto many people. However, families caring for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) faced new challenges as their child's government-funded services suddenly stopped. In collaboration with ACT - Autism Community Training, the ADDL undertook a study investigating the effects of COVID-19 on families caring for children diagnosed with ASD. This research was funded by a Community Engagement Initiative grant by Simon Fraser University. Click here to read the article by CityNews 1130 featuring Dr. Iarocci.

Dr. Iarocci Interviews with Autism BC - Everyday Autism Hero

In August 2020, Dr. Grace Iarocci interviewed with AutismBC, a local community organization dedicated to providing autism information and awareness, support and connections, and workshops and training. In a new series of awards and interviews, AutismBC is highlighting "Everyday Autism Heroes" in our community. Dr. Iarocci, who won the Professional of the Year Award at the 2018 BC Autism Awards, discussed her journey in the field of autism as a researcher and clinician. Click here to read the interview on the AutismBC website.

CBC Article - How to Make Friends with Someone who has Autism

Friendship is valued by people with ASD and making interpersonal connections is important. Dr. Iarocci provides information about autism and tips on making friends with autistic people. Click here to read the CBC Docs POV article featuring Dr. Iarocci

Vancouver Sun Opinion Article - Parents of Children with Special Needs Left Wondering and Waiting

The challenges associated with COVID-19 on families and children have been very pervasive in British Columbia. Dr. Anthony Bailey of the University of British Columbia and Dr. Iarocci provide insight into the impact that COVID-19 has had on families of children with special needs, and the associated challenges due to school closures and temporary cessation of government-funded therapies and services. Click here to read the article by Dr. Iarocci and Dr. Bailey in the Vancouver Sun