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Senate and other committees

Reporting Categories for Senate Committees

Senate Committees have designated reporting categories in accordance with a motion approved by Senate on December 3, 1973. An explanation of these reporting categories is below.

Reporting Category "A"

A committee whose first function is regularly to place items on the agenda of meetings of Senate shall not present a regular report to Senate beyond the submission of agenda items and the necessary supporting materials.

  • Senate Committee on Agenda and Rules (SCAR)
  • Senate Committee on University Honours (SCUH)
  • Senate Nominating Committee (SNC)

Reporting Category "B"

A standing committee with delegated responsibilities to perform duties on behalf of Senate shall report to Senate at twelve-monthly intervals, except where otherwise stipulated in the charge to the committee; the first report shall be on a date to be agreed upon by the Chair of the committee and the Chair of Senate. Where Senate ratification of decisions made by a committee is required it shall be sought at the time of the submission of the committee's report; in the event of Senate failing to ratify such decision or decisions of a committee, the decision or decisions shall stand, and the Senate's failure to ratify shall be interpreted as an instruction to the committee involved that actions of that type shall not be repeated.

  • Electoral Standing Committee (ESC)
  • Senate Appeals Board (SAB)
  • Senate Committee on Continuing Studies (SCCS)
  • Senate Committee on Enrolment Management and Planning (SCEMP)
  • Senate Committee on International Activities (SCIA)
  • Senate Committee on Disciplinary Appeals (SCODA)
  • Senate Committee on University Priorities (SCUP)
  • Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies (SCUS)
  • Senate Committee on University Teaching and Learning (SCUTL)
  • Senate Graduate Studies Committee (SGSC)
  • Senate Library Committee (SLC)
  • Senate Policy Committee on Scholarships, Awards & Bursaries (SPCSAB)

Reporting Category "C"

A temporary committee established by Senate to perform a limited specified task shall report to Senate by the date stated in its charge.