The 2020 Stay Active Challenge will run from October 13 to November 10, 2020!


This is a 4-week physical activity challenge open to all SFU Surrey staff and faculty. The challenge is for people of ALL fitness levels and incorporates all types of activity. This is a perfect opportunity to join your fellow co-workers and friends in staying active and healthy, and beating the Thanksgiving food comas from the long weekend! Our goal is to see how far our campus community can collectively run across Canada!


Participants in the 4-week challenge will keep track of their daily work out minutes and challenge themselves to do even better! You can use any tracking method that works for you - fitness watch or apps or just self-reporting your minutes of activity. 


It’s FREE—There is no cost to participate!
It’s EASY— Keep track of your exercise minutes with a watch, an app or your phone.
It’s FUN—We'll all motivate each other to stay active!

Learn how to join and if you are ready, register now!

Upload your fitness photos on social media and hashtag #SFUStayActive so that we can see how you're participating!

Total exercised minutes from all of our Stay Active teams: 92,160.5 mins

Last updated: Nov 14th, 2020
*Chart best viewed on computer browser.

Canada trekking updates:

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