Campus facilities 

Surrey campus facilities support bike storage, access card, lockers, janitorial services and many other services.

Bike storage 

Bicycle racks for students, faculty and staff are located on level 1 of the parkade. Contact security in the tower lobby area to obtain a punch code for the gate. 

Cyclists may store their bicycles at their own risk.

Student ID cards

SFU student ID cards are available at the Surrey campus Registrar and Information services.

Bring valid photo ID to have have your photo taken, and your card printed.

Please report any lost or stolen cards immediately to Facilities at 778-782-8021. The cards can be deactivated to prevent unauthorized usage. This is critical for ensuring the safety of SFU Surrey’s premises and that of its neighbors. Replacement cards can be obtained at Registrar and Information Services. There a $25.00 charge per replacement card.

Learn more about Student ID


Students can obtain a locker through SFU Recreation services.

If you have a locker at SFU Burnaby, you will have to rent a separate locker at SFU Surrey. Fees for one locker do not transfer between campuses. 

Obtain a locker  

Recycling & shredding

Confidential materials can be placed in the grey Shred-It bins located in common areas. The Shred-It pick up is once a month. Cardboard boxes can also be recycled. Flatten and leave boxes beside a garbage can.

Janitorial services

Janitorial staff is on site after 10:30 p.m. Sunday night to Thursday night ensuring that the premises are ready for business Monday to Friday. Garbage cans and recycling bins in offices are emptied twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday

Any service requests or deficiencies can be reported to Facilities at 778-782-5144.

Requesting services

If you have a maintenance or custodial request, please fill out the form below and the Facilities team will get back to you.

Have another request? Contact Surrey service desk: 778-782-5144 or SFU Facilities Services.

Facilities services


Facilities staff can assist faculty and staff who do not have an office at the Surrey campus with locking cabinets or access to a secure storage room. Contact Facilities at 778-782-5144 for more information.

After hours access

*Note: due to COVID-19, building access is now limited. Please visit our COVID-19 page to learn more.


SFU Main entrance:  The set of doors at the far right hand side has an SFU programmed card reader.
SFU Rear entrance:  There is a card reader at the door.
Mall: There is no after hours access to the Central City Mall.


Card access only. 

Kitchen and lunchrooms

There are lunchrooms for faculty and staff on Podiums 2 and 3, and room 354. It is the users’ responsibility to keep the kitchens clean. SFU Surrey does not offer any food services. A food court and several restaurants are located in, or close to, the Mall.

Temperature and adjustments

The HVAC system is computer controlled to maximize occupant comfort and minimize energy loads. Temperature concerns should be directed to facilities at 778-782-5144.

Access cards and keys

Access cards are your photo ID and access card to offices, rooms, and labs. Visit the Registrar and Information services to pick up your card. A valid piece of photo identification is required when you are picking up your SFU card.

Each faculty or staff office is individually keyed and keys are provided by Facilities.

Report any lost or stolen keys or access cards to Facilities at 778-782-5144 immediately. Filing cabinets are available for faculty and staff upon request to Facilities.


As a building policy, no animals or pets are allowed at SFU Surrey, except for dogs assisting the disabled.