Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor

Assistant Professor
Ocean Nexus Deputy Director
Resource & Environmental Management


  • BSc, Marine Biology, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur 
  • MSc, Resource Management and Environmental Studies, The University of British Columbia 
  • PhD, Resource Management and Environmental Studies, The University of British Columbia 


Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor is a resource economist specializing on ocean and coastal social-ecological systems. Andrés is from the fishing port of Guaymas, Sonora, México, and has always been deeply involved with fisheries. His work aims to support equitable development and combat inequitable systems by melding qualitative and quantitative evidence. This includes the first global estimates of the economic value of marine ecotourism, seafood consumption by coastal Indigenous Peoples, and countries’ capacity to establish an equitable Blue Economy.

He is Deputy Director of the Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center, one of the largest interdisciplinary collaborative research networks focused on social equity, well-being, and public health in coastal and marine contexts throughout the world. Andrés is very actively engaged in negotiations and debates on equity and sustainable development internationally and in Canada, where he is currently on the scientific advisory committee for the Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative (which aims to increase for First Nations' access and capacity for fisheries and aquaculture).

He has published over 90 peer-reviewed articles, 20 book chapters, a textbook, and many technical reports and science communication articles. His lab aims to support students from everywhere in the world that are passionate about learning how to best support coastal communities.

Full Publication Listing

Selected Publications

Cisneros-Montemayor AM, Moreno-Báez M, Reygondeau G, Cheung WWL, Crosman KM, González-Espinosa PC, Lam VWY, Oyinlola MO, Singh GG, Swartz W, Zheng CW, Ota Y (2021) Enabling conditions for an equitable and sustainable blue economy. Nature 591: 396-401

Cisneros-Montemayor AM, Aceves-Bueno E, Amezcua-Castro S, Apolinar-Romo A, Cisneros-Soberanis F, Cuevas-Gómez GA, Cruz-León IC, De La Cruz-González J, Espinoza-Tenorio A, García-Lozano A, González-Espinosa PC, Cisneros-Mata MA (2023) True insights or ticking boxes? Rapid assessment of rights-based management in artisanal fisheries. Fisheries Management and Ecology

Ota Y, Singh GG, Clark T, Schutter MS, Swartz W & Cisneros-Montemayor AM (2022). Finding logic models for sustainable marine development that deliver on social equity. PLoS Biology, 20(10), e3001841.

Cisneros-Montemayor AM, Croft F, Issifu I, Swartz W & Voyer M (2022). A primer on the “blue economy:” Promise, pitfalls, and pathways. One Earth, 5(9), 982-986. 

Cisneros-Montemayor AM, Ducros AK, Bennett NJ, Fusco L, Hessing-Lewis M, Singh GG, Klain S (2022) Agreements and benefits in emerging ocean sectors: Are we moving towards an equitable Blue Economy? Ocean & Coastal Management 220: 106097 

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Cisneros-Montemayor AM, Zetina-Rejón MJ, Espinosa-Romero MJ, Cisneros-Mata MA, Singh GG, Fernández-Rivera Melo FJ (2020) Evaluating ecosystem impacts for data-limited artisanal fisheries through ecosystem modelling and traditional fisher knowledge. Ocean & Coastal Management 195: 105291 

Cisneros-Montemayor AM, M Moreno-Báez M, Voyer M, Allison EH, Cheung WWL, Hessing-Lewis M, Oyinlola M, Singh GG, Swartz W, Ota Y (2019) Social equity and benefits as the nexus of a transformative Blue Economy: A sectoral review of implications. Marine Policy 109: 103702

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Cisneros-Montemayor AM, Pauly D, Weatherdon LW, Ota Y (2016) A global estimate of seafood consumption by coastal Indigenous peoples. PLoS One 11 (1): e0166681

Cisneros-Montemayor AM, Barnes-Mauthe M, Al-Abdulrazzak D, Navarro-Holm E, Sumaila UR (2013) Global economic value of shark ecotourism: implications for conservation. Oryx 47 (3): 381-388


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