Bachelor of Environment in REM Honours

Is a REM honours degree for you?

The REM Honours program is extended to exceptional students who complete supplementary coursework with distinction. Qualified students can take advantage of the program to pursue career opportunities or prepare for graduate study.

The REM Honours program offers several benefits, including a deeper understanding of resource and environmental management, enhanced research skills, and improved job prospects. Graduates of the REM Honours program demonstrate a higher level of expertise and dedication to potential employers or graduate programs. As the Honours program requires students to complete 60 units of upper division coursework plus completion of an Honours thesis course, students develop higher critical thinking and analytical abilities.

What careers opportunities will a REM honours degree offer?

Honours graduates often have a wider range of career opportunities available to them due to their advanced knowledge and research experience. Some potential career paths include research positions, specialized roles in environmental, consulting, policy analysis, and leadership positions. The skills honed during an honours program make graduates attractive candidates for various sectors including academia, government, non-profits and private industries.

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Admission requirements

Students must apply to enter the Honours Degree in REM program and must meet the following conditions to qualify:

  • A minimum of 45 units completed
  • A minimum CGPA of 3.33
  • Complete of REM 200 with a minimum grade of B+
  • Departmental approval

Minimum Grade Requirements:

The minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for continuation and graduation is 3.00.

Program Requirements:

Students complete 120 units, including at least 60 upper division units. In addition, a minimum of 48 upper division units must be taken from the REM Honours program. Students also complete an Honours Thesis under the supervision of a REM faculty member. The full overview of program and course requirements can be found here.

To apply for the Honours Degree in REM program, please send an email to the REM Advisor by attaching: (i) your advising transcript indicating that you meet the requirements stated for program entry above; and, (ii) a 250 word Statement of Interest related to your proposed research area. Your Statement of Interest need not be detailed and you will be able to refine it later; however, it will provide us with an indication of whether REM faculty are likely to have the expertise to supervise you. Students applying to the Honours program should review the REM faculty pages to identify areas of relevant expertise. You do not need to identify a potential Honours thesis supervisor when you apply.

Applications for entry to the Honours Degree in REM program beginning in the Fall term will be accepted up until May 31st each year. Students will be notified of the result by the end of June. Applications will not be accepted at other times.

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Have more questions?

For more information about the REM Honours program, contact May Fan, REM Undergraduate Advisor or book an appointment on Advisor Link.