Pascal Haegeli

Associate Professor
Resource & Environmental Management


  • MSc, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland
  • PhD, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC


Dr. Pascal Haegeli is a renowned expert in avalanche safety research working on projects in Canada and worldwide. His primary research and development interests lie at the interface between the natural and social sciences and his objective is to conduct interdisciplinary research and develop evidence-based tools that assist backcountry recreationists and avalanche professionals to make better informed decision when preparing for and travelling in avalanche terrain. To address these challenges, Dr. Haegeli and his research team employ approaches and methods from a wide variety of fields including atmospheric science, snow science, geography, GIS, risk analysis, decision-making science, communication, psychology, sociology, accident analysis, public health and medicine.

Some of the highlights of his research and development activities include the development of the Avaluator, a decision aid for amateur recreationists travelling in avalanche terrain, an examination of the effectiveness of avalanche airbags and the complete redesign of the InfoEx, the daily information exchange among Canadian avalanche safety operations. Based on his professional and volunteer activities within the Canadian and international avalanche communities over the last decade, he has an extensive professional network abroad as well as long-standing and strong relationships with all of the Canadian stakeholders.

Selection of recent publications

Dr. Haegeli teaches Global Change (REM 100).


Future courses may be subject to change.