Kyle L. Wilson

Assistant Professor
Resource & Environmental Management


  • BSc, (Cum Laude), Biology, San Diego State University
  • MSc, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, University of Florida
  • PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Calgary


I am excited to start as an Assistant Professor in Quantitative Fisheries Science in the School of Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University in July 2024. In general, I am focused on understanding risk and resilience in fisheries to inform management and decision-making. My research typically integrates field and quantitative approaches to study key social and ecological drivers underlying these important ecosystems.

I enjoy working alongside a diverse and collaborative community both inside and outside the academy, including Indigenous partners and government researchers, to produce evidence that navigates the interface between science and policy. I believe that working within these collaborative spaces will help develop and support management and policy frameworks that advance reconciliation and respect Indigenous sovereignty and promote resilient ecosystems. I am particularly interested in collaboratively developing interdisciplinary research that supports the reimagining of more holistic practices in quantitative risk assessments and equitable management and governance of marine, coastal, and freshwater ecosystems.

Prior to joining SFU REM, I served as the applied quantitative biologist for the Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance, an Indigenous-led organization serving the Central Coast Nations in their coastal and marine stewardship. Additionally, I serve on the Marine Fishes Subcommittee for COSEWIC helping in the conservation of Canada’s extensive marine biodiversity. I have been fortunate to be recognized as a Banting Fellow, Vanier Scholar, and Killam Scholar for my past research in fish and fisheries and social-ecological resilience.

Selected Publications

Wilson, KL, A Sawyer, A Potapova, CJ Bailey, D LoScerbo, EK Sweeney-Bergen, EE Hodgson, KJ Pitman, K Seitz, L Law, L Warkentin, SM Wilson, WI Atlas, DC Braun, M Sloat, MT Tinker, & JW Moore. Accepted. The role of spatial structure in at-risk metapopulation recoveries. Ecological Applications.

Rosenfeld, JR, P Gonzalez, L Jarvis, E Enders, M Bayly, AJ Paul, L MacPherson, JW Moore, M Sullivan, M Ulaski, & KL Wilson. 2022. Stressor-response functions as generalizable models for context dependence. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 37, 1032-1035.

Atlas, WI, KL Wilson, CK Whitney, JE Moody, CN Service, M Reid, & MR Sloat. 2022. Quantifying regional patterns of collapse in British Columbia Central Coast chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) populations since 1960. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 79, 2072-2086.

Kaemingk, MA, R Arlinghaus, MH Birdsong, CJ Chizinski, R Lyach, KL Wilson, & KL Pope. 2022. Matching of resource use and investment according to waterbody size in recreational fisheries. Fisheries Research, 254, 106388.


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