Arlette Stewart, MA
Coordinator, Academic Integrity

Phone: 778-782-7075


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Student Academic Integrity Policy

Familiarize yourself with SFU’s Academic Integrity Policy.

Don't risk it

Finding trustworthy help can sometimes be a challenge. If you are looking for support with your studies, be aware of companies that advertise services that sound too good to be true.

Tutors can be a good resource for you if you want additional help. However, unethical tutors can put you at risk of violating SFU’s academic integrity policy. An ethical tutor will teach you concepts so that you can learn on your own. An unethical tutor relies on keeping students dependent on the tutor. Remember, academic integrity leads to professional integrity.

Ethical tutor

Will help you understand concepts so that you can apply your learning.

Reassures you that you will improve with practice and that all quality work takes time and hard work.

Can help you become a true master of your work so that when you are in a career you will be able to do what you are hired for.

Unethical Tutor

Will do your assignment/essay for you without checking if this is permitted by the instructor.

Makes you believe that SFU courses are too hard for you to succeed in without their help.

Advertises a “guarantee” on grades and promises answers to test questions which give you a false sense of your skills and abilities.

Free SFU resources

Go see your instructor and TA during their office hours.

Investigate the SLC's  Time Management information and use the free WriteAway service at the SLC.

Talk to Career and Volunteer Services about how to develop skills that lead to a meaningful career.

Purchasing assignments, exam questions, or essays is a serious violation of the SFU Academic Integrity policy. Don’t be fooled by promises/guarantees of a high grade and take a risk that jeopardizes your chance of academic success. The most common consequence for students who are found to have submitted work authored by someone else is to receive a zero for the work, with the possibility of also receiving an FD grade (Failed for Dishonesty) on their student transcript.


SFU students are prohibited from:

  • Selling copyrighted material that belongs to the instructor (lecture slides, exam questions, etc.)
  • Booking study space through the library for commercial use


Arlette Stewart, MA
Academic Integrity Coordinator

Phone: 778-782-7075


Heather Roberts, MEd, CCC
Student Conduct Coordinator/Case Manager

Phone: 778-782-9456


What is Academic Integrity (video)