Admission appeals – Senate Appeals Board

Admission, Readmission and Transfer Credit Appeals

The Senate Appeals Board considers appeals for admission or readmission to the university, where special circumstances are present or where policy requires adjudication of an admission decision by a representative committee.

Reasons for appealing an admission decision

  • You have extenuating circumstances which impacted your ability to meet the university's admission requirements
  • You believe there was an error in processing your application

Admission appeals not considered by the board

  • Any appeal with no new evidence to support the appeal
  • Dissatisfaction with University policy
  • Failure to meet published deadlines

Admission appeals must be submitted 21 days after receipt of an admission or readmission decision. Please allow 10 business days for a response to your appeal.

How to apply for an admission appeal

  1. Download the Senate Appeals Board Non-Disciplinary Action appeal application form
  2. Write a letter of appeal indicating new or compelling reasons for appeal consideration
  3. Gather the documentation related to your request for appeal. Documentation could include medical notes, transcripts, etc. Letters of recommendation are not required, unless requested.
  4. Submit the form, letter and documentation:
    • Email completed packages to; or
    • Mail to:

      Senate Appeals Board Secretary
      Student Services
      Simon Fraser University
      Maggie Benston Centre 3200
      8888 University Drive
      Burnaby, BC  V5A 1S6

* SenateAppeals_NonDisciplinary_2019.pdf
Download the Senate Appeals Non-Disciplinary Application Form