Tax Information (T4A)

T4A tax form, which reports the amount of funds a student has received in scholarships, bursaries and awards in year 2022, is now available at goSFU.

  • If you were also an employee of SFU, please visit myINFO to obtain your T4/T4A tax forms, or contact
  • SFU staff are not able to answer tax-related questions. If you have other questions about tuition and enrollment credit, please contact the Canada Revenue Agency directly.  

What is a T4A form?

The T4A is an official document for tax purposes. It provides the amount of funds a student has received in scholarships, bursaries, awards and prizes from January to December in any given year.

The tax form for the current tax year will be available for printing at goSFU in late February of the next year.  

For more information on filing your income tax return, please go to

Where do I get my tax form (T4A)?

Active students, alumni and all previous students at SFU

(Not accessible on mobile devices such as iPhones.)

  • Your browser must be configured to allow pop-up windows.
  • You can print T4A tax forms from goSFU. Tax data starting from the previous seven years are available.
  • If you require additional copies of the tax forms for parents or accountants you must print them from this page.
  • Note: SFU staff are not able to access or print your tax slips for you.
For the purpose of printing tax forms, SFU Computing IDs do not expire.
  • Log in to goSFU with your SFU computing ID.
  • Click "T4A Data".
  • Find the tax year of interest on the View T4/T4A Slips page.
  • Click "Year End Slip".
  • Print your TA or save it as a file on your computer.

Forgot your password?

  • You can reset your password by using your SFU computing ID (email) and SFU ID (9 digit student or employee number).
  • If you still need help resetting your password, call the IT Service Desk at 778 782 8888.

Cannot log in to goSFU?

  • Access to goSFU requires MFA (multi-factor authentication) and SFU VPN services. Visit the SFU Information Systems page for details.
  • The message “invalid credentials” would indicate your password may have been reset in 2020. Email SFU IT Services at or call 778-782-8888 for assistance in resetting your password.

Having trouble getting your T4A?

Possible fixes to try first:

  • Check that you have pop-up windows enabled.
  • If you've logged in, viewed your form but can't print, the computer you're using may be behind a firewall for security, so try a different computer in a different location.
  • Check that you have Javascript enabled in your browser's properties/preferences, at least for while you're getting your form
  • If you can log in but can't see the T4A information, quit your browser, reopen it and clear your cache , then try logging in to goSFU again

If you receive an error message, please email a screenshot of the message to

If none of those solutions has worked, contact us at

To whom at SFU may I direct T4A inquiries?

Please call the helpline at 778.782.6930 or email However, if you also were an employee of SFU during the year, contact as they issue the T4As for employees.

Will SFU send me the T4A by email?

No. Please log into your goSFU to print your T4A under the Finance section.

Can SFU give the T4A information to another individual?

We will only disclose a student's tax information to another individual provided that we receive written/faxed authorization from the student whose information is to be released. Under no circumstances will any information about the student be released to another individual without  authorization.

I am an international student. Why do I need a T4A?

SFU is required to report this information to all students to enable them to complete their Canadian income tax returns.

As a resident of Canada you are required to file a Canadian income tax return. Your employer issues a T4 for salaries or wages you have earned while in Canada. The university issues a T4A for scholarships, bursaries or other monetary awards you received during the calendar year.

Where can I get more information: