How to pay your fees

Residence fees

Tuition fees

NOTE: The U-Pass BC term fee is not added to your student financial account until the next business day after enrolling. 

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We do not accept credit card or private lender payments for tuition either directly or through unauthorized third party service providers. We do not accept payments you arrange through Plastiq or through MPOWER Financing. We will not be held responsible for any fees incurred for such payments or returns.

Payment Options

(Canadian Banks only) Already use internet banking? Then you know how easy it is. If you haven't set it up yet, we can show you how.

Pay your fees at your bank like any other bill payment. See details.

Make your cheque payable to Simon Fraser University and allow five working days.

You can pay by cheque, debit card, or (for some fees) credit card at one of our campus front counters. (As of January 2017 cash was no longer accepted at the counters.)

MasterCard and Visa are accepted for some fees. Check the list.

Sponsorships, Passport to Education, TSSU, Teacher Certificates, etc.

Pay the application fee

The non-refundable application fee must be paid upon submitting an application for admission.

Visa and MasterCard credit cards are the only accepted forms of payment. If you do not have a credit card you can use a prepaid or gift credit card to pay your application fee.

Debit cards (including Visa and MasterCard debit cards) are not accepted as payment through ApplyBC.

Pay the admission deposit

The preferred payment method for the undergraduate admission deposit is by credit card on goSFU under "My admission to SFU" and "view and pay my fees."

Graduate students can pay by credit card through their graduate student online application system, or use one of the other methods listed on this page. Please note that admission deposits may vary by graduate program.

Please note: The non-refundable admission deposit payment might not go into the term you intend to enroll in. This is because payments are credited according to the default term set up on the student information system, which only changes midway through the terms. However, your account will NOT be adversely affected by this. Once you enroll in classes, the credit will automatically move to the term in which you are enrolled.

The undergraduate admission deposit is $250 for Canadian students; $750 for International students.

Pay tuition fees and other student fees

Paying by internet banking is the most convenient method of payment. Allow two to three business days for the payment to be posted to your SFU student account.

We do not accept credit card payment for tuition fees.

Penalty on overdue fees

Outstanding fees on your student account must be paid by the due date of each term (second Friday of the term). You will be assessed a late fee penalty on the outstanding overdue balance on your account. The rate is 2% per month (18% per annum).

If you have outstanding fees on your student account you cannot enroll in a subsequent term, and other sanctions will be applied.