Part-timeDialogue and Civic Engagement Certificate

Help your community thrive through dialogue and civic engagement

SFU’s Dialogue and Civic Engagement Certificate will help you build the skills you need to design and implement engagement strategies where people feel valued, connected to the process, and more committed to the outcomes. By integrating proven dialogic principles and engagement techniques, you can enable your stakeholders, whether internal or external to your organization or community, to influence outcomes on key issues.

Dialogue grad Sebastian Merz is helping government and citizens to work together on finding solutions. Read his story

Learn to facilitate dialogue that effects change

Through a series of 10 courses that combine theory with practice, you’ll learn to design engagement opportunities that involve people in decisions that affect them, helping them define problems; search for solutions; and improve policies, programs and services. You'll also learn how to ask key questions: Whom should we invite? What are the risks? How do we choose the best engagement method?  

We’ve designed this program for people working in a wide range of contexts who are tasked with engaging others and would like to foster understanding and achieve lasting outcomes. Whether you’re working on a contentious land-use project, a youth engagement initiative, or a key policy change in your organization, this program will help you frame the issues, build a shared understanding, and take action that leads to positive change.

“We cannot move towards Indigenization until we have begun the process of decolonization”

Walk This Path With Us: Report of the SFU Aboriginal Reconciliation Council, 2017

Build a professional network of dialogue and engagement professionals

The Dialogue and Civic Engagement Certificate is designed to help you build a network of instructors who are active in the field as well as professional peers who work in contexts throughout Metro Vancouver. Our graduates include representatives from non-government organizations, businesses, community-based organizations, labour unions, First Nations, Indigenous organizations, Crown corporations, health agencies and various levels of government.

Combine theory and practice in your own dialogue and engagement practicum project

Kris Archie, from the Ts’qescen First Nation, is passionate about honouring the voices of others. Read her story

In the practicum component of the program, you’ll put what you've learned into practice by designing and implementing your own engagement project in the community, organization or workplace environment of your choice. Examples might include developing a strategic plan for your organization, convening a large-scale public dialogue on a contentious policy issue or implementing a strategy to increase youth engagement in your community. You’ll be mentored by one our instructors and receive support and feedback that will help your engagement plan succeed.