Working Students

Congratulations, you landed a Co-op job! Your hard work, persistence and job search strategies paid off.

Now what?

Co-op is going to be a great opportunity to get hands-on experience, make industry connections, and start your path to your career.

As an SFU Co-op student you will be seen by your employer and colleagues as an ambassador of SFU.

What does this mean? It means that you are representing SFU while on your Co-op work term and will strive to be a motivated, responsible, and productive employee.

You also want to maximize the benefit of the work term opportunity to have a rich learning work experience.

How could this mission be accomplished? What do you need to do to succeed in your upcoming Co-op work term?

Step 1: Co-op Placement Confirmation

Once you are successful in your job interview and accept a job offer, you will receive a Congratulations on your placement! email outlining things that need to be done in order to prepare for your upcoming Co-op work term. This is an exciting opportunity! The email is your work term preparation checklist.

Step 2: Practicum Course Registration

Prior to the start of your work term, you need to register via goSFU in your appropriate Co-op practicum course:

  • ENSC 195: Co-op Practicum I – Industry (1st Work Term)
  • ENSC 295: Co-op Practicum II – Industry (2nd Work Term)
  • ENSC 395: Co-op Practicum III – Industry (3rd Work Term)
  • ENSC 196: Co-op Practicum I – Research (1st Work Term)
  • ENSC 296: Co-op Practicum II – Research (2nd Work Term)
  • ENSC 396: Co-op Practicum II – Research (3rd Work Term) 
  • ENSC 194: Non-Technical Co-op Practicum (Optional)

Step 3: Ensure You Are Enrolled in the Working Canvas course

Your assigned Co-op coordinator will enroll you in the Working Students Canvas course.


Making the Most of Your Work Term

If you find yourself working at a company you love and you want to stick around after your workterm you have extra incentive to really shine during your time. Rosie explains how to make your mark.

What To Do: Your First Week On the Job

It's OK to feel anxious and overwhelmed at the prospect of starting a new Co-op term. Previous students who have been there and survived it have advice on having a great first week.

How To Say Goodbye At Work

Saying good-bye is pretty common in the workplace, but how exactly to bid aideu to your coworkers can be a tough task to tackle.