Eligibility to Seek Co-op

Engineering students following the curriculum outline should be enrolled in their first Co-op work term during their 2nd year and 2nd semester of studies. If you do not intend to follow the curriculum outline, we urge you to meet with an academic advisor to plan your academic/Co-op course schedule to ensure you are not blocked from future courses or risk being transferred to BGS. 

  • Must be in good academic standing: 2.5 GPA required.
  • Completion of the FAS Prep course: Bridging Online I (ENSC 105), resume, cover letter and interview skills workshops, and document review session(s).
  • International students must have a valid work permit.

*Some exceptions may apply.


Practice interviews with feedback and insights on Interview Stream - Available 24/7

Getting Access to Job Postings

FAS Co-op job postings are available on our job portal and can be accessed from myExperience. These postings will only be visible once your resume and cover letter have been approved and your Co-op coordinator has "Released" you to search for jobs. In addition to having your documents approved, to be released you must do the following:

Update myExperience Documents

Upload your approved documents to the Documents section in myExperience; use descriptive names and set the appropriate document type:

  • Student Information Summary form (SIS)
  • Co-op Transcript downloaded from your goSFU Account
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Co-op work permit – applies to international students only

Tips for Seeking Students

Here are some tips that will help you make the most of your Co-op experience.


You will be added to a Seeking Canvas course for additional tips and resources to support you through the process until you are placed in a job.


Expect that the Co-op process may take a lot of your time, students have said it is similiar to taking a course. Time commitment per week can be anywhere around 5-12 hours.

Trial & Effort

Co-op is learning about what you like and what you don't like. We encourage you to 'try out' various industry areas to ansure that when you graduate, you have a clearer idea of what type of work, and waht working environment you prefer. Co-op positions are offered all over BC and Canada in various industries with hundreds of employers.


Consistent effort is required throughout the term. Don't be discouraged when you don't hear back - just keep applying to jobs and stay in contact with your Co-op coordinator and/or advisor. You can make an appointment with either of them directly on myExperience via the Appointments tab.

Student-Developed Co-op

Consider finding your own Co-op work term with the help of your Co-op coordinator and your network and/or friends and family. It is also referred to as Student-Developed Work Term (SDWT).