Creating an SFU where all feel welcome, safe, accepted and appreciated

September 22, 2023

The recent anti-sexual orientation and gender identity protests in Vancouver, and other major cities across Canada, are extremely troubling. As noted by the independent British Columbian Human Rights Commissioner in a statement regarding the protests: “The right to peaceful demonstration is an important tool to protect our democracy and generate debate. But as Human Rights Commissioner, I want to be very clear: the human rights of trans and LGBTQ2SAI+ people are not up for debate.”

Earlier this week, SFU President Joy Johnson shared a statement on campus safety and supports for our community. I’d like to reemphasize two areas she mentioned.

First: SFU, with universities across Canada, have signed onto the principle of inclusive excellence to align our commitments to academic quality, organizational excellence and a culture where we achieve equitable outcomes for all who work, live, teach and learn at SFU. You can read more about our commitments to inclusive excellence, here. 

Second: I’d also like to highlight our network of community supports. If you need support, SFU has dedicated offices to help community members through difficult situations. You can learn more about our network of community supports, here. And learn more about our identity-based supports, here

I’d like to thank everyone for continuing to be steadfast in upholding our SFU values and continuing to create an environment where all feel welcome, safe, accepted and appreciated.


Yabome Gilpin-Jackson
Vice-President, People, Equity and Inclusion


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