Promoting collaborative learning in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms

In the context of second language education, the role of peer interaction and group/pair work in student engagement has been emphasized and several models for facilitating effective group work have been suggested by previous researchers (Johnson & Johnson 1990, Nunan, 1992). This study seeks ways to promote collaborative group work where all members enjoy 'a safe place' (Toohey, 2007) to engage in classroom discussions.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sepideh Fotovatian
Funding Agency:
Teaching and Learning Centre

Additional Team Members: Sanjoy Banarjee

What's Proposed

The project emphasized the role of instructors in empowering student voices and capital.

How This Project is Carried Out

19 students in one class were observed throughout the course. Focus groups and mind-mapping were other  data sources.

Why This Project Matters

Internationalization of higher education has meant increasingly diverse learning contexts. This project will provide insights into diverse ways students with different cultures and language backgrounds engage in classroom activities.

How This Project is Put into Action

The project is completed. The findings have been disseminated in two conferences.

Where to Learn More

The project led to two conference presentations. One journal paper is also in preparation.