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SFU’s Faculty of Education is home to some of the world’s foremost educational experts - professors, practitioners and researchers who understand the past, present and future of educational practice and innovation. They are committed to equity, Indigeneity, and creating a culture of inquiry and relentlessly committed to life-long learning. Together, they advance the field of education through scholarly inquiry and community engagement, while helping to shape the next generation of educational leaders.


SFU Education faculty members in convocation regalia


The Research Hub is an innovative, collaborative, interdisciplinary, technology-infused and centralized space for supporting the research and scholarly activities of our faculty and students. It creates a central space to share at-a-glance information on the research projects and initiatives that interconnect and intersect within the university and in our communities around the world.

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Research in Focus

Research in Focus is where we profile and celebrate the exciting work of our faculty and students. The stories here help demonstrate the interconnectivity of our research and how the work being done now has the potential to influence and impact the future of learning.

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Research Centres

Through the work of its diverse research centres, the Faculty of Education is able to enhance the student experience, inspire inquiry and improve the practice of teaching and learning.

Faculty Research Institutes 

As a global leader in educational research, we’re home to many research institutes that facilitate multi-faculty collaborative research. We work with both institutional and community partners in support of the student experience and leading-edge research that advances teaching practices and is responsive to community needs.


Visiting scholars add a fresh perspective and unique insight into specialized areas of interest, enhancing the student experience and stimulating academic discussion.

Our Visiting Scholars


Explore faculty members' research interests and their connections through the Research Hub's interactive data visualisation.