SFU’s Faculty of Education is home to some of the world’s foremost educational experts - professors, practitioners and researchers who understand the past, present and future of educational practice and innovation. They are committed to equity, Indigeneity, and creating a culture of inquiry and relentlessly committed to life-long learning. Together, they advance the field of education through scholarly inquiry and community engagement, while helping to shape the next generation of educational leaders.


SFU Education faculty members in convocation regalia

The Research Hub

The Research Hub is an innovative, collaborative, interdisciplinary, technology-infused and centralized space for supporting the research and scholarly activities of our faculty and students. It creates a central space to share at-a-glance information on the research projects and initiatives that interconnect and intersect within the university and in our communities around the world.

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Research in focus

Research in Focus is where we profile and celebrate the exciting work of our faculty and students. The stories here help demonstrate the interconnectivity of our research and how the work being done now has the potential to influence and impact the future of learning.

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Through the work of its diverse research centres, the Faculty of Education is able to enhance the student experience, inspire inquiry and improve the practice of teaching and learning.


As a global leader in educational research, we’re home to many research institutes that facilitate multi-faculty collaborative research. We work with both institutional and community partners in support of the student experience and leading-edge research that advances teaching practices and is responsive to community needs.


Visiting scholars add a fresh perspective and unique insight into specialized areas of interest, enhancing the student experience and stimulating academic discussion.

Our Visiting Scholars

FACULTY Research Interests

Explore faculty members' research interests and their connections through the Research Hub's interactive data visualisation.

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Select an option Aboriginal High School To University Transitions Aboriginal Literature and Pedagogy Aboriginal Undergraduate To Graduate Transitions Aboriginal University Preparation Program Evaluation Aboriginal Youth Studies Academic Literacy Academic Publishing Academic Writing Accountability and Assessment in BC Schools Active Learning Classrooms Activity Theory Adaptive Software for Researching and Promoting Self-Regulated Learning Adolescent and Family Mental Health Adult Learning Adult Literacy and Adult Education Adult Self-Directed Learning Aesthetics Affect Affective Cognitive Science Alcohol in Children’s Literature and Culture Anti-Racist Education Anti-Racist and Multicultural Education Applied Linguistics Argumentation Art and Literacy Art and Social Change Art as an Indigenous Knowledge Practice and as a Site for Activism Arts Across the Curriculum Arts Dance Education Arts and Digital Media Arts for Social Change Arts-Based Research Assessment Assessment for Learning Assessment in Mathematics Attachment Authority Autism Beliefs Care Career Counselling Practice Career Development Child Childhood Studies Children With Developmental Dyslexia Children’s and Young Adult Literature China-Africa Trade Migration Citizenship Education Classroom Practice Clinical Systems Engineering Community Colleges Community Engaged Research Community-Based and Relational Research Methods Competency-Based Educational Technology Contemporary Psychoanalysis Contemporary and Popular Culture Continental Philosophy Counselling Psychology Creative Collaborations Creative Learning Pedagogy and Teacher Education Creative Performance Creativity and Discovery in Mathematics Teaching and Learning Critical Academic Literacy Critical Educational Psychology Critical Ethnography Critical Multicultural Education Critical Pedagogy Cross-Cultural Approaches To the Arts and Performance Cross-Cultural Investigation in Education Cultural Diversity Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Communication Cultural Practices Cultural Psychology Cultural Safety Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) Curricular and Instructional Practices in Physical Education Curriculum Curriculum Studies and Learning Theory Curriculum Theory Cyber-Civility Cyberbullying Decolonizing Mental Health Practices Design-Based Research Design-Based Research in Education Dialogical Analysis Digital Justice Digital Literacy Pedagogies Digital Technology Discourse Analysis Discursive Analysis Diversity Drama Education Dynamic Geometry Early Childhood Early Childhood Education Ecological Literacy Ecology Education Policy Education for Reconciliation and Healing Educational Neuroscience Educational Psychology Educational Sociolinguistics Educational Theory Educational Theory and Practice Embodied Cognition Embodiment Emmanuel Levinas Emotional Engagement Empathy and Awareness English as a Second Additional Language English as an Additional Language Education Environmental Learning and Experience Equitable Access To New Technologies Ethics Ethics and Aesthetics Ethics of Care Evidence-Based Practice Exceptionality Existential Therapy Existential-Phenomenological Approach Existentialism Experiential and Outdoor Education Eye Movements Eye Tracking Face Perception Family Therapy Feminist Postcolonial Theory Formative Assessment French Teacher Training Program French as a Second Third Language Gender Theory Gender-Equity Genders and Sexualities Gestures Gifted Globalization Graphic Narratives Health and Vitality Heritage Language Revitalization Hermeneutics Higher Education Higher Education Leadership Higher Education in Developing Regions of South East Asia Historical Ontology History of Inquiry, Teacher Inquiry, Self-Study History of Mathematics History of Psychotherapy Human Agency Human Rights Education Imagination and Leadership Imagination and Learning (Prek Through Post-Secondary) Imagination in Teaching and Learning Imaginative Ecological Education Imaginative Education Immigration and Integration Implementation and Evaluation In-Service Teacher Education Inclusion Inclusive Education Indigeneity and Indigenous Resurgence Indigenous Epistemologies Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Methodologies Indigenous Psychology Indigenous Research Methodologies Indigenous Research Methods Individual and Developmental Relations Between Executive Function and Early Learning for Young Children Aged 3 To 8 Years Instruction of English Language Learners Instructional Design Integrating Indigenous Content Into Teacher Education Integration of Digital Technology Into Mathematics Teaching Integration of Indigenous Knowledge Practices and Pedagogies in Ecological Education Intelligent Tutoring Systems Interactions Between Students in Collaboration Interdisciplinary Research in Arts and Moral Education Intergenerational Teaching and Learning International Education International Issues Internationalization of Curriculum Internationalization of Education Internationalization of Higher Education Intersectionality Interspecies Communication Japanese Morita Therapy and Zen Knowledge Practices and Pedagogies LGBTQI Refugee Mental Health Language Across the Curriculum Language Education Language Ideology Language Maintenance and Revitalization Language Policies Language Revitalization Language, Culture and Identity Law-Related Education Learning Development Learning Disabilities and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Learning Environment Learning Sciences Learning Technologies Learning Technologies and Contexts Learning and Representations Life Writing Linguistic and Professional Identities of In-Service and Pre-Service Teachers of French Literacy Education Literacy Practices of Plurilingual and Pluricultural Children Making and Play in Education Management of Multilingualism Marginalized Youth Mathematics Education Media Literacy Mental Health Services Research and Implementation Science Metacognition Methodology Middle East and Islam Minority Churches Moral Education Motivation Multilingual Language Aquisition Multilingual Literacies Multilingualism Multiliteracies Music and Arts Learning and Engagement Métissage as Inquiry and Curriculum Narrative Inquiry Narrative Psychology Narrative and Jungian Archetypes Natality Nature and Role of Context in Learning Nature of Historical Knowledge Neoliberalism Neuroimaging of Cognitive Processes Numeracy Online Learning Communities Organizational Development Organizational Theory Parenting and School Pedagogical Documentation Pedagogy in Post-Secondary Institutions Performance Anxiety Performative Inquiry Performative Writing Performative and Poetic Inquiry Personhood Phenomenology Philosophical Perspectives On Curriculum and Education Philosophy and History of Ideas Philosophy of Education Place-Based Performance and Art as Inquiry Place-Based and Ecological Teaching Practices Plurilingual and Pluricultural Competence (PPC) Plurilingualism Plurilingualism and Academic Literacy Popular Youth Culture Post-War Conflict Psychosocial Reconciliation and Community Development Postcolonial Theory Postsecondary Access and Equity Postsecondary Aspirations, Access, and Affordability Postsecondary Teaching and Learning Practicum in Learning Practitioner Inquiry Professional Development Program Professional Growth of Teachers Program Development Program Evaluation Psychological Practice in the Areas of Identity Reclamation, Collective Healing and Restitution Q-Methodology and Study of Subjectivity Qualitative Research Qualitative Research Methodology Queer Migration Reading Development Recognition Recruitment and Retention Refugee Education Relational Epistemologies Relational Leadership Theory Research Ethics Research Method Research Methods and Statistics Research Use Responsive Curriculum Development Risk and Resilience Role of Technology in Learning and Teaching School Culture Science Education Science Teacher Education Science, Technology and Environmental Education Second Language Learning Second Language Writing Self and Identity Formation Self-Regulated Learning Selfhood Site-Specific Performance Social Attention Social Communication Social Contexts of Education Social Ecological Justice Social Education Social Justice Social Theory Social and Cultural Theory Social and Emotional Development Social and Emotional Education Sociocultural Sociology and Psychology of Creativity Somatics Somatics of Teacher Education Special Education Spirituality Stigma Story Story-Telling Strategic Planning Student Affairs and Services Student Engagement Student Learning Behavior (Student) Student and Teacher Identity Study Tactics and Learning Strategies Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood Networks Teacher Education Teacher Education and Teacher Identities Teacher Tensions Teachers, Students and Schools in Popular Culture Teaching Children’s Literature Across the Curriculum Teaching Efficiencies and Personalized Instructional Practice Teaching and Educational Practices Teaching and Music Aesthetics Teaching, Learning and Understanding Elementary Number Theory Testing and Assessment The History of Universities The Role of the Arts in Human Development Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology Theories of Counselling and Counselling Skills Theories of Place Transformative Learning Trauma Truth and Self-Fashioning Undergraduate Mathematics Education Usable Innovations for Learning Visual Data Analysis Visual Research Methods Vygotsk Vygotsky’s Educational Theory World Englishes Writing Studies Writing and Rhetoric Youth Culture and Creativity
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