Research Projects: Organized by Project Title

Project Title Faculty      
Aboriginal Transitions: Undergraduate to Graduate (AT:U2G) Michelle Pidgeon
Academic literacy development supported by learning technologies in the post-secondary context Valia Spiliotopoulos
"Academic Writing: The Basics" Instructional Video Susan Barber
"Academic Writing: Advanced Research Skills" Instructional Video 2 Susan Barber
Adult Literacy and Digital Inequalities Suzanne Smythe
Adult Literacy Policy and Professional Learning Suzanne Smythe
Aging Well: Can Digital Games help? (2012-2016) David Kaufman
An investigation into teacher inquiry methodology in teacher education Margaret MacDonald
Cher Hill
Argue to Learn: Representing and Supporting Argumentation with Cognitive Tools John Nesbit,
Phil Winne

Arresting Hope Lynn Fels
Art for Social Change: An Intergrated Research Program in Teaching, Evaluation, and Capacity Building Judith Marcuse
Lynn Fels
Bringing "Learning in Depth" to K-12 Classrooms Dan Laitsch,
Kieran Egan
Gillian Judson

Case Studies in Educational Technology Use Valia Spiliotopoulos
Compassionate Canada? Kevin O'Neill,
Özlem Sensoy

Constructing an institutional identity in university tea-rooms: The international student experience Sepideh Fotovatian
Cyberbullying at University Wanda Cassidy
Developing Ecological Literacy at the Bowen Island Community School David Zandvliet,
Allan MacKinnon

Developmental Trajectories of Doctoral Candidate Through New Appointee: A Longitudinal Study of Academic Identity Construction Cheryl Amundsen
Le développement de la compétence à écrire en langue première et en langue seconde à la fin du primaire dans des contextes d'intensification de l'enseignement de la langue seconde Cécile Sabatier
Digital Learning Community Engagement Project Suzanne Smythe
Educating for Critical Historical Consciousness Ann Chinnery
Educational Implications of Emmanuel Levinas' Ethics Ann Chinnery
Emerging multimodal literacies: Second language learners making video Kelleen Toohey, Diane Dagenais
Employing Imaginative Education Pedagogy: Impacts on Student Engagement in the PostSecondary Context Kieran Egan,
Gillian Judson
ENGRAMMETRON: Educational Neuroscience Laboratory Stephen Campbell
Environmental Learning and Experience David Zandvliet
Film Documentary, Dr. Isidore Starr: Leading a Revolution in Civics Wanda Cassidy
Foreign Language Teachers' International Exchange: Intercultural Competency Development through Practice Valia Spiliotopoulos
Gestural Communication in the Mathematics Classroom Nathalie Sinclair
Kevin O'Neill
Imaginative Education Kieran Egan
The Impact of an Online Game on Students’ Knowledge and Attitudes David Kaufman
"Introduction to Narrative Writing" Video 1 Susan Barber
Language, Religion and Immigrant Settlement: An Ethnography Huamei Han
Learning Assessment for Curriculum Improvement in Business Education Valia Spiliotopoulos
Learning in Depth Kieran Egan
Learning Through Encounters with Technology Lynn Fels
Leo Adams: A Case Study Documentary Film Carolyn Mamchur
LUCID (Learning for Understanding through Culturally Inclusive Imaginative Development) Mark Fettes
Sean Blenkinsop
Kieran Egan
Making Teacher Inquiry Visible Cher Hill
Maple Ridge Environmental School Project and the Davis Bay Nature School Project Sean Blenkinsop,
Mark Fettes
Ocean Poetics: Embodied Ways of Inquiry within a Pedagogy of Place Celeste Snowber
Preparing Teachers for Work in Increasingly Diverse Classrooms Ann Chinnery
Process Feedback, Self-Regulated Learning and the Evolution of Learning Skills Phil Winne,
John Nesbit

Profiles, an example of Arkhelogy Carolyn Mamchur
Promoting Collaborative Learning in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms Sepideh Fotovatian
The Romanian Adoption Project: Emerging Adulthood Lucy Le Mare
Self-Regulated Learning and Learning Technologies Phil Winne
Self-regulated Learning in an Online Environment for Argumentative Writing John Nesbit
Simulations and Advanced Gaming Environments (SAGE) for Learning David Kaufman
The Socio-emotional Effects of a Computer-simulated Animal on Children’s Empathy and Humane Attitudes David Kaufman
Strategies For Expanding Adoption and Adaptation of Imaginative Education Programs Kieran Egan,
Gillian Judson
Structured Abstract Database Project (ResearchBriefs) Daniel Laitsch
Study of a Biofeedback-Based Gaming Environment David Kaufman
Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood Networks (SUNN) David Zandvliet
Tactics, Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning When Learners Restudy Phil Winne
Tangible Mathematics Learning Nathalie Sinclair
Teaching and Learning Grants: A Multi-Level Evaluation Cheryl Amundsen
Three constructs of institutional identity among international doctoral students in Australia Sepideh Fotovatian
Transformative Change Carolyn Mamchur, David Kaufman
Using a Collaborative Online Multimedia PBL Simulation to Stimulate Critical Thinking David Kaufman,
Kevin O'Neill
Using Dynamic Geometry Software to Develop Powerful Thinking in K-5 Nathalie Sinclair
Utilizing a multilingual resource: Scribjab in action Kelleen Toohey, Diane Dagenais
Whole School Projects Kieran Egan
Why Aboriginal Students Stay or Leave University? Michelle Pidgeon
Young Children Reading Critically: Aboriginal Literature and Pedagogy Dolores van der Wey
Youth Music Engagement Susan O'Neill,
Yaroslav Senyshyn