Professional Learning Series

Partnering to create and support professional development for educators in your community.

Partnering to create and support professional development for educators in your community.


Designed for

These series are made available to school districts, independent schools and other educational institutions on a variety of topics. Previous Learning Series themes have included:

  • Project-Based Learning and Inquiry
  • Numeracy and number sense
  • Teacher Inquiry
  • Inclusive Education
  • Social-Emotional Well-Being
  • Assessment
  • Transforming Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Maker Pedagogy & Applied Design, Skills and Technology

Additional topics as requested

What it Involves

Series are available in both English and French. Each series will consist of:

  • non-credit sessions around a chosen theme
  • Approximately 2-5 hours each
  • Sessions may be held online or in-person
  • Sessions may be held during the day or evening

Times, dates and number of sessions will be discussed as part of the collaborative process.

These series are usually hosted by the district/organization making the request. They may be accommodated on-campus if requested.

What to Expect With Our Collaborative Approach

Our typical collaborative approach to co-sponsored and codeveloped Professional Learning Series with school districts, independent schools or other educational institutions. SFU Faculty of Education will:

  • Meet with your organization's designated representative
  • Collaboratively develop the series
  • Develop promotional materials
  • Identify appropriate instructors
  • Liaise between the instructor and your representative
  • Monitor program implementation


Programs are available for both teachers in French and English for Educators of all levels. 

Programs in English

Costs vary per series, depending on number and length of sessions. 

On campus programs: There will be an additional charge for series held at an SFU campus. 

Programs for Teachers of French

French programs come at no charge and include French Immersion, Core French, Intensive French and Francophone programs.

These series are offered in association with the Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs at SFU and are supported by federal funding.