About Us


Since 1965, the Faculty of Education has looked to the challenges and opportunities in the world around us to guide educational research and practice. We have always embraced a strong community-first approach that invites community participation and focuses on creating real-world educational opportunities for students.

Today, we are an international education leader, known for our diversity, our inclusivity, and our commitment to research and scholarly inquiry. We advance knowledge while improving the practice of teaching and the learning experience.


The Faculty of Education is committed to scholarly excellence, leading-edge pedagogy, innovative curriculum, engagement with teachers, differentiated staffing and a participatory democratic culture. A global leader in educational research and a pathfinder in Canada's teacher education, the Faculty of Education is committed to ethical practice, equity, social justice and diversity.


The Faculty of Education promotes a broad spectrum of scholarly and professional inquiry to advance theory, pedagogy and the practice of education. We look beyond precedents and categories to honour inquiry and imagination. The Faculty is committed to a culture that develops the individual and fosters social renewal. Our scope extends throughout the lifespan and celebrates human differences. A spirit of hope inspires our work.


Our values of Indigeneity, equity and a culture of inquiry are more than aspirational – they reflect what we believe, how we live, and are infused in the way we support teaching and learning. These important, interrelated values guide us today and will shape who we will become and what we will accomplish in the years ahead.



Our Five-Year Academic Plan (2018–2023) focuses on creating dynamic opportunities for engaging students, researchers, and a diverse tapestry of communities, locally and globally. It helps us continually strive for inclusive and culturally responsive educational advancement, while ensuring our core values are part of our daily, lived experiences.

Key Priorities

  • Student Experience
  • Indigenizing Curricula, Programs and Practices
  • Community Education and Research
  • Research Hub
  • Equity in Professional Practice


Our students, faculty and staff live the core values outlined in our plan, each and every day. The work they do, and the way they do it, embodies the qualities of Indigeneity, equity and a culture of inquiry. They are a testament to who we are and who we will become.


Over the last 50 years, SFU’s Faculty of Education has worked to push the boundaries of what education means and what it can make possible. Today, as learning embraces fundamental change, new technologies and wider impact, we continue to be a leader in educational thought and practice. Although no one knows what the future holds, we know our students, faculty and staff are ready to shape the next 50 years of learning and possibility.


The Faculty of Education has touched the lives of alumni and partners in over 50 countries over five decades, become both a global leader in educational research, and a trailblazer in Canada’s teacher education. We span three campuses in Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver, each united by our core values of Indigeneity, equity and a culture of inquiry. We work to create a culture that develops the individual while fostering social renewal. Now, we’re looking forward to welcoming you to the Faculty of Education community so together, we can shape the future of education.