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Our Undergraduate Studies programs open doors to learning and exploration. We’re here to support you on your educational journey and help you make the most of your student experience. 


There are many ways to get involved at SFU. Connect with like-minded students in our Peer Mentor Program. Join Friends of Simon, our award-winning initiative, to provide literacy tutoring to students K-12. Get work experience in co-op or take a break with Education Student Association activities.

Student Resources for Studies in French


This certificate program helps students to reach a higher standard of French language proficiency and provides them with a focused and cohesive understanding of foundational perspectives and expertise in theoretical and methodological aspects of second language teaching, and principles of language learning.

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Ready to graduate? Take a look at the process for convocating.

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Students in Bachelor of Education as a First or Second Degree

Students in the Bachelor of Education as a first or second degree, apply for graduation from their degree program only.

In other words, a separate graduation application for PDP, PLP, or AHCOTE is not required.


Whether you’re an aspiring teacher or pursuing pathways beyond traditional teaching careers, there’s no limit to where your undergraduate degree can take you. An undergraduate degree from SFU's Faculty of Educations illuminate many paths forward. Many of our graduates have continued to pursue work in research, industry and higher education.

Start a Non-teaching Career

There's no limit to what you can do with your degree from the Faculty of Education. Explore subjects through an education lens and envision a range of possibilities.

Become a Teacher

Some students find that an undergraduate degree helps them decided whether they want to teach or not. The Faculty of Education has world renown programs to help students become a teacher in B.C. They include the Professional Development Program (PDP) and the Alaska Highway Consortium on Teaching Education (AHCOTE).

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Higher Education & Research

Many of our students continue their exploration of the teaching practice to become K-12 teachers in B.C. Others choose to work with award-winning researchers and contribute to advancing the teaching profession.

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Our alumni do amazing things as teachers, researchers, innovators and leaders. In the process, they’re helping to advance the teaching profession and inspire other learners to challenge their understanding of what teaching makes possible.

  • "I had heard a lot of great things about the Education Program at SFU."

“When it came time for her to apply to university, Aneesa spoke to a friend at SFU and knew the Faculty of Education was the right place for her."

Aneesa Hashimi, 2022 BGS Graduate

Note: For general questions, contact the Faculty of Education Undergraduate Studies Office. For individual program advising, schedule a time on Advisor Link to speak with one of our advisors.