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Our graduate degrees and diplomas offer specialized areas of study that prepare students for academic and professional careers in elementary, secondary, tertiary and community-based education. We also work with institutional partners to develop customized programs that meet the needs of educators and leaders. We’ll help you get ready to get the most of your graduate student experience. Check out the collection of resources below.


Plan your journey with the help of SFU's Graduate Studies. This international community of critical thinkers and change makers will help you navigate through your graduate student experience.


There are so many ways to get involved at SFU. Connect with like-minded students in our students’ association. Get published in the SFU ED Review, our graduate-run journal. Learn and connect with your community by attending an upcoming thesis examinations.

Education Theses

Discover graduate student research by exploring Education theses using Summit, SFU’s research repository, or visiting the SFU Library Catalogue.

Student Resources for Studies in French



A graduate degree at SFU’s Faculty of Education opens doors to opportunities. Our graduates contribute to leading-edge research in service to the community and inspire and guide other learners. Find your path.


Work with some of the world's foremost educational experts who are committed to equity, indigeneity, and creating a culture of inquiry.

Expand Your Career

Our students thrive, and lead, in an ever-changing and challenging world. Explore a tapestry of world views and experiences.

Elevate Your Work as a Teacher

Focus your studies on a specialized area and contribute to leading-edge research that advances teaching practices and learning experiences.

Work With Us

Join our community of educational experts – professors, practitioners and researchers – who understand the past, present and future of educational practice and innovation.


Our alumni are helping to shape the future of the teaching profession and find solutions for the betterment of society. Read their stories here.

  • "And with such a large and diverse faculty, you’ll have opportunities to network and form relationships with a multitude of wonderful faculty, students and staff to fully explore your research and professional interests."

 If you are able to connect your interest on a personal, intrinsic level, and assemble an academic committee who are as excited about your research (hint: visit faculty profiles), you’re on your way to a wonderful graduate student experience!

Candy Ho, 2019 Graduate

Note: For general questions, contact the Faculty of Education Graduate Studies Office.