Strategies For Expanding Adoption and Adaptation of Imaginative Education Programs

The main goal of this international project is to have teachers using, and students benefitting from, the ideas, practices, and programs of the Imaginative Education Research Group (IERG).  While the main focus is Chile, we aim to facilitate the multidimensional flow of practical and theoretical knowledge about Imaginative Education throughout South America, and to enhance our ability to scale up strategies for building productive research and development relationships with many other countries.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Kieran Egan
Co-Investigators: Dr. Gillian Judson, Magdalena Merbilhaa, Josefina Ramirez
Funding Agency: SSHRC Connections Grant

What's Proposed

The IERG is working with an organization of schools in Santiago, Chile, to make Imaginative Education (IE) ideas, practices and programs (LiD) increasingly used and influential among educators and policy-makers in Chile and throughout South America.  The project will culminate with an international conference in Chile. With our research partners in Chile we are designing a scalable strategy the IERG can use to facilitate the flow of knowledge with partners in other countries.