Computer Engineering

SFU’s Computer Engineering option trains students to think logically about complex and abstract problems – and to develop innovative solutions for those problems. Our program provides an extremely flexible elective list that allows students to combine software and hardware expertise with applications that interest and excite them: from biomedical to financial or from environmental to automotive fields, for example. As a technology expert, you will work within a team to ensure the application experts receive the solution best suited to their needs – which might mean higher performance, lower power or smaller size.

About This Option

Students start by learning the fundamentals of digital electronics, computer architecture and networks and communications. Project oriented courses are offered during the early part of this program to provide students with theory and practice. At more advanced levels, subjects include structured programming, software engineering, compilers, operating systems, intelligent systems, embedded systems, real-time systems and VLSI systems.

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Computer Engineering option graduates have a wide range of career options open to them. Typical careers include:

  • Custom chip designer for embedded applications.
  • Hardware engineer in the computer and telecommunications industries.
  • Systems analyst in high-tech research and development.
  • Hardware analyst in computer architecture research or digital systems design.
  • Technical support engineer.
  • Software designer for applications such as scientific/high performance applications, user applications, embedded applications, operating systems and low-level software for custom devices 
  • Image, audio, and video processing