Retention Awards

42.52 The University may, between January 1, 2017 and the expiry of this Agreement, expend an amount equivalent to no more than 0.5% of total salary mass, calculated as of the previous September, per calendar year for new or renewed retention awards.

42.53 Retention awards will not form part of the base salary of the Member.

42.54 Retention awards are intended to minimize the loss of key bargaining unit Members to other universities or to other employment in the private and public sector, and to retain Members whose contributions to the University are relatively undervalued as a result of salary compression and/or salary inversion. Procedures for Determination of and Implementation of Retention Awards

42.55 A Member may apply or be nominated by their Chair for a retention award if they meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • 42.55.1 They have a record of outstanding achievement, as documented in their promotion and salary review history and/or other documentation, in at least one of the following areas: research, teaching or service/leadership.
  • 42.55.2 The Member plays an integral role in the department and/or the faculty or university as a whole and is central to the unit’s ability to realize its strategic vision/academic plan.
  • 42.55.3 The Member has achieved a high profile within their area of expertise and is likely to be recruited by another university or employer. This risk may be exacerbated by a shortage of qualified candidates in certain areas. 

42.56 The application/nomination will be considered by the TPC and a recommendation by the Chair will then be forwarded to the Dean, with a copy to the Member.

42.57 The Dean will review the department’s recommendation and any response from the Member and forward it and their own recommendation (copied to the Member) to the Vice-President, Academic.

42.58 A copy of the Vice-President, Academic’s decision, with reasons, will be sent to the Member and copied to the Dean and the Chair.

42.59 If a Member who applies for or is nominated for a retention award is unsuccessful, they cannot reapply until at least a full year from the date of the final decision has elapsed. A Member who receives a retention award is ineligible to seek an adjustment to that award.

42.60 A retention award will take the form of a salary supplement for a three to five year period.

42.61 A Member with a retention award will receive step awards as appropriate to the salary without the retention award.

42.62 A Member may hold no more than one retention award at any time.

42.63 A Member may reapply or be re-nominated for a retention award during the last year that they hold such an award.

42.64 Subsequent awards may be established at a level different than any initial award.

42.65 The Vice-President, Academic is responsible for ensuring equitable distribution of retention funds across the faculties.

42.66 An annual report on the allocation of the previous year’s retention awards will be provided to the Association by April 15th of each year.


Collective Agreement Article:

Article 42: Salary (42.11 and 42.52 to 42.66)


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