Housed within the School of Computing Science, the Surrey- based Software Systems program focuses on the development of high-quality and impactful software.

Embedded software is integrated into many aspects of our daily lives, from the moment your alarm wakes you up in the morning to your smartphone tracking every step you take. It also exists in specialized areas such as medical imaging, financial analysis, and safety critical applications like air traffic control systems.

This hands-on program delivered through lectures, case studies as well as individual and team projects will give you the practical experience to succeed in the industry.

Program Highlights

  • Direct admission, start studying as a major from the first day of classes
  • Optional, paid co-operative work experience
  • Curriculum provides in-depth knowledge of software and computer systems, which includes project management and communication 
  • Close-knit community provides you direct access to labs and expert faculty 
  • Program concludes with a capstone project in which you will work with a team to develop software prototypes under the guidance of a faculty member
  • Accelerated master's options allows you to work toward a master's degree alongside your undergraduate degree
  • Graduates are industry-ready and make highly competitive salaries

Ready to apply?

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Software Systems (SoSy) is a program within the School of Computing Science, that offers courses at both the Surrey and Burnaby campuses. By completing the program, students earn the degree of BSc Software Systems.

SoSy is an applied area of computer science that focuses on teaching the skills to develop high-quality software.

Developing software is the foundation of many careers in industry. Software is integrated into every area of our daily lives from web browsers to computer games. It runs in our cell phones, our cars and our transportation systems. 

SoSy is a practical, hands-on program delivered through lectures, team projects and a capstone project. Graduates have a solid understanding of the software development lifecycle from specification through development and verification and on into maintenance. They have experience writing larger scale software with a commitment to professional quality code construction.

Students can apply for direct admission into SoSy when applying to SFU, or students can transfer into SoSy from other departments. Computing science majors who wish to transfer to SoSy can easily do so after completing their 1st or 2nd year requirements.


General Requirements

All applicants intending to start their studies at SFU must complete the University general requirements:

Program Specific Requirements

To be eligible for entry into the computing science program, applicants must also fulfil additional criteria for admission:

  • Domestic high school applicants
    • a minimum of 5 approved Grade 12 courses must be completed. Admission is based on an evaluation of all approved Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses. To view the requirements, please visit our software systems admissions page.
  • Domestic College or University transfer applicants
  • International applicants

Tuition & Fees

Tuition is paid per course credit, per semester. Students can read more about tuition and fees on our student services webpage.

For scholarship, bursary, and award information please visit SFU's Financial Aid & Awards webpage.


A BSc in computing science (software systems) can lead to careers in all sectors including gaming and entertainment, health and medicine, tech, finance, agricultural industries, environmental technologies and more!