Communicable Disease Plan

SFU transitioned to a university-wide Communicable Disease Plan (CDP) this past summer. Please read the CDP and supplementary information below for Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) faculty, staff and students.


Safety guidelines will be in place in FAS teaching, research, office and shared spaces.

Follow the SFU/ FAS Communicable Disease Plan (CDP) and complete the online safety training.

Complete a daily self-health check; remain home if you are sick and inform your instructor or supervisor.

Create and follow schedules. Access labs during your scheduled class time; no drop-in access permitted.

Wear a non-medical mask.

Follow occupancy limits. Spread out and maintain a low density of people. 

Frequently clean shared equipment/ high touch surfaces. Practice good hand hygiene.

Protective barriers have been installed and will remain in place.

HVAC systems are being reviewed in accordance with WorkSafeBC requirements and ASHRAE standards for indoor air quality.

FAS Supplemental Information

General Protocols Across All Spaces

After transitioning to the CDP the following protocols will continue:

  • Masks (over nose and mouth) are mandatory in all areas with an occupancy greater than one. Individuals who are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons are exempt.
  • Complete the Mandatory Safety Training (replaces previously required COVID-19 Training)
  • Conduct a daily health self-assessment (personal responsibility)
  • Practice good hand hygiene
  • Disinfect high-touch areas
  • Shared kitchen/lunchroom spaces can be used with 2 metre distancing and limited duration
  • Spaces that have not had their HVAC reviewed continue to have occupancy restrictions; please refer to posted signage


  • As of Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2021, masks must be worn in all indoor public spaces throughout B.C., including within post-secondary institutions, to help slow the transmission of COVID-19 as B.C. prepares for the fall and respiratory illness season. This is a public health order in BC that applies to all people 12 and older.
  • A mask or face covering that meets the requirement is a medical or non-medical mask that covers the nose and mouth. Face shields are not a substitute for a mask, as there is an opening below the mouth.
  • Individuals who are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons are exempt.
  • To obtain a medical exemption: faculty and staff can review the workplace accommodation procedures on SFU's Human Resources website.
  • To obtain a medical exemption: students are to contact the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) or the Office of Student Support, Rights and Responsibilities (OSSRR) for information on exemptions.


  • Get vaccinated if you are eligible; this will soon be required to participate in non-essential campus activities such as attending student events or accessing student lounges.
  • Visit a vaccination clinic on campus to get your first or second dose. B.C. will soon be implementing a vaccine card. Stay up-to-date with how SFU will use the vaccine card by monitoring your emails.
  • Please refer to the President’s statements for recent announcements regarding how SFU will implement a vaccine declaration process.

Ventilation Assessment

The building HVAC systems at SFU are in the process of being assessed. The assessment is to confirm they are operating and maintained in accordance with WorkSafeBC requirements and relevant ASHRAE Standards for indoor air quality.

In addition to ensuring ventilation systems are operating in accordance with ASHRAE Standards for indoor air quality, the following steps have been taken:

Ventilation Optimization: building air is being flushed daily to maximize outdoor airflow

Ventilation Hours: HVAC system operating hours have been requested to be extended to accommodate evening class times; systems will shut down after classes end

Upgraded Filters: where possible, MERV 13 filters have been installed

Ventilation Review: in FAS, all teaching spaces and larger spaces have been assessed and shown to meet ventilation standards.  Some areas are pending assessment. Areas that are waiting on an assessment are still safe to work in; however, FAS has limited occupancy and implemented a mandatory mask policy as a precaution.  Where possible, keeping windows open and maintainng physical distance is encouraged. 

New signage has been placed on the door to every FAS space which indicates the following:

  • The new CDP guideline to follow in the space. This includes a QR code that links to the FAS CDP page.
  • A check to indicate whether the HVAC has been assessed. 
  • An occupancy limit. In areas that are confirmed to have met the ASHRAE standard, the occupancy is based on limits in the BC Building/Fire codes. In areas that have yet to be assessed the occupancy is 50% of the BC Building/Fire code occupancy. 

For more information on SFU Air Quality, please visit:

Classroom Safety

Instructors: please access the FAS Instructor Guide here.


In Fall 2021 masks will be mandatory in all learning spaces. Individuals who are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons are exempt. Instructors may choose not to wear a mask while lecturing; however, they will be required to maintain a minimum of 2 metre distance from students. In addition, face shields are recommended for instructors.

Students: please bring a non-medical mask when you come to campus. If you forget to bring one, ask your instructor if they have extras. You can also obtain disposable masks from Student Central in Burnaby and at the information desks in Vancouver and Surrey.

Careful Social Interaction in Classrooms

As part of the SFU CDP, everyone is asked to practice careful social interaction on campus. This refers to limiting the number of close contacts that individuals interact with. Instructors may assign seats in classrooms that students must stick to for the entire semester, and assign lab/project groups for the entire semester.

Illness and Academic Concessions

Students are responsible for completing a daily self-health check prior to traveling to campus, to assess for COVID-19 symptoms. If a student has symptoms, it is their responsibility to get tested for COVID-19. Students who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (or are feeling ill) should not come to campus and should prioritize recovering from any illness. This means that course material (lectures, labs, tutorials – both in-person and online) may be missed from time to time. Instructors are encouraged to consider an alternative plan in advance to accommodate those students who will need to miss class. Students who are unable to complete assignments, labs, exams or other graded course components due to illness are required to submit a request for academic concession via this form.

Midterms and Exams

In Fall 2021, courses that are being offered in person are required to have in person midterms and exams. Courses being offered remotely are required to have remote midterms and exams. If a student is unable to attend an in-person midterm/exam, please refer to the Academic Concessions section above. Students who require accessibility-related accommodation must contact the Centre for Accessible Learning and follow their procedures.

Office Hours

In Fall 2021, office hours may be held remotely, or in-person by appointment. Contact your instructor for details about office hours for your course.

Lab Access

All lab access must be scheduled; no drop-in access permitted in Fall 2021. Contact your instructor if you require acces outside of class time.


All teaching spaces within the Faculty of Applied Sciences and the lecture theatres where Applied Sciences courses are scheduled have been assessed and are operating in accordance with WorkSafeBC requirements and relevant ASHRAE Standards for indoor air quality. 


The following safety measures are to be followed when conducting meetings in person:

  • Masks are mandatory for all participants
  • Practice careful social contact by limiting the number of sustained close contacts and respecting personal space
  • Seating should be laid out to allow extra personal space for all occupants
  • Personal offices are not to be used for meetings unless assessed for ventilation
  • Frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces; cleaning supplies are to made available in all meeting rooms for participants self use

Staff/Faculty Lunch Rooms

The following safety measures will be practiced in lunch rooms:

  • Masks are mandatory
  • Practice careful social contact
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols including cleaning shared appliances after use and high touch surfaces (door knobs, light switches etc.)
  • Unless space permits, at this time, it is encouraged that lunch rooms are used for food prep only
  • Posted occupancy limits and restriction must be adhered to

Student Lounges

More information to come.


Essential visitors who are required for an on-campus activity may attend FAS spaces if escorted by FAS personnel.

In-person Events

More information to come.

Field Activities

All field work will transition away from current COVID-19 Safety Plans to Field Activity Safety Plans. Please contact for information and assistance.


Additional Resources

Find additional information on these websites to help you plan your return to campus: