Jonathan Ling (he/him)

Major: Geography

Concentration: Society and Environment

Minor: Business Administration

Certificate: GIS


Post-secondary doesn't have to be a straight path.

Not everyone arrives at SFU directly from high school. Jonathan started at Langara College, where he obtained his associate’s degree in Geography.

Jonathan is interested in learning about cities, including transportation, planning and migration. The variety of urban geography courses and the preferential admission for associate degree applicants made continuing at SFU a logical choice. In 2019, Jonathan started his Geography undergraduate degree with a certificate in Geographic Information Sciences.

Although many transfer students are much better adjusted and have more defined educational goals than direct high school graduates, it’s not a journey without challenges. 

“The transition to SFU was not that easy. I took two intersession courses during my first semester… [but] with the help of classmates and wonderful professors, I had decent marks in both of my courses.” 


Jonathan’s advice for anyone considering transferring is to always double check the BC transfer guide for course transferability. “There were a few courses that I took at Langara that were not transferable to SFU.” 

Although the move to online learning also hasn’t been easy, Jonathan is proud of staying involved and making the most out of the different opportunities available. He participated in Tea Club, and is co-chairing the Geography Student Union. 

Jonathan is in his final year, and is currently working as data analyst for Pivot 2020 as part of the co-operative education program. Jonathan plans to pursue teaching, possibly with SFU’s Professional Development Program.

From getting started at Langara to thinking about teaching and beyond, Jonathan shows how SFU’s Faculty of Environment can fit and develop your interests.