Performance and Development Program


The University’s vision to be the leading engaged university by engaging students, research, and communities, is supported by our ability to attract and retain the best people.  Effective performance development are essential elements for helping us understand how we can best contribute to the goals of the department, division, and ultimately SFU, and that we are feeling valued and supported in performing our jobs.

A key objective of the Performance and Development (PD) program is to enable employees and managers to work collaboratively to set performance and development goals; monitor and discuss progress on a regular basis; receive coaching, mentoring, support, and tools; and meaningful recognition for achieving the goals.

The PD is a university-wide initiative for  Excluded continuing non-academic staff and temporary non-academic staff that have been in a position for greater than one full year prior to the September 1 effective date.

Key attributes of the PD are:

  • Shared ‘partnership’ between employees and managers in creating, reviewing, and achieving goals
  • Emphasis is on regular supportive conversations between employees and managers
  • Focus on strengths
  • Self-assessment and accountability
  • Managers as coaches and mentors
  • Opportunities for support, recognition, and development


Video Refresher about Performance & Development (10 min)

Performance Cycle (September 1st to August 31st)

Employees and managers set key goals for the PD annual cycle from September 1st to August 31st. On a regular basis, employees check in with their managers for coaching support and to review progress towards their goals. At the mid-year (6 months) and year-end point, employees and managers assess overall progress towards goals and adjust where needed.

o    Performance & Development Plan Cycle

          o    Diagram


Key action steps (preparing, goal setting, performing, etc.) and timelines for completion are provided to assist you with staying on track with the PDP plans and continuing the cycle of annual renewal.

            o   Key Action Steps 1 to 6

Preparing for the Final Year End Review is a guide that will assist you with how to prepare for having a meaningful conversation with each of your employees on progress towards their goals (meeting or not meeting), successes, strengths, and any areas for further development.

Steps for Preparing PDP Plans


a)    Take the online PD training

b)    Meeting(s) with your manager to confirm your plan


1.     Prepare your own plan

        a.     Take the online PD training

        b.     Meeting(s) with your manager to confirm your plan

2.     Support your employees with preparing their plans

         a.     Determine high level department, faculty, unit, or team goals

         b.     Employees take the online PD training

         c.     Meeting(s) with each employee to confirm their plan


Online PD training is available on Canvas for all staff (Leaders/Managers and Employees) for:

·         Preparing (Step 1)

·         Goal setting (Step 2)

·         Performing (Step 3)

IMPORTANT: To enroll in the online PD training through Canvas, click here:

When you have completed the online PD training on Canvas you may also reference the, Manager and Employee Training Guide: SFU Performance Development Program.   

Tips and Tools

·         Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

·         Success Strategies

·         Supporting Development Goals

Reference Documents

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