Health Promotion, Return to Work, Disability, Sick Leave

Sick Leave FAQ

The goal of the Return to Work Program is to assist employees, managers, chairs, directors and deans in preparing for sick leave and in returning to work.

How do I learn about sick leave benefits?

  • Refer to the sick leave policies or collective agreements that pertains to your employment group:
    • Faculty – Policy A31.03 and A21.01-B.6
    • CUPE – Article 35
    • PolyParty – Article 19
    • APSA – Policy AD10-8.8
    • APEX – Policy AD9-08.8
  • Visit the Human Resources (HR) web page
  • Talk to your supervisor
  • Contact the Organizational Health staff (778-782-4890) or

My doctor has told me that I must take medical leave. What do I do next?

  • Talk to your supervisor
  • Print the attending physician’s statement form from the HR web-page
  • Take the form to your physician
  • Submit the completed physician’s certificate to your supervisor in a confidential envelope or fax it to the OH Office (fax: 778-782-6873)
  • The physician’s certificate should state whether your absence is medically necessary, explain the medical limitations and restrictions that prevent you from being at work, and advise whether, when and to what extent the physician expects you will be medically capable of returning to work
  • PolyParty employees who will be absent for longer than 2 consecutive days due to non-occupational illness will submit an application for W.I. benefit and submit the form to Pacific Blue Cross – the eligibility for University-paid sick leave and W.I. benefit are described in Article 19 of the collective agreement

My physician has told me to take a further period of medical leave. What do I do next?

  • Advise your physician that supervisors generally require updated medical certificates for extended sick leave on approximately a monthly basis. Note that for reasons of confidentiality, your supervisor will not contact your physician directly
  • Inform your supervisor of your physician’s recommendations and advise when the updated medical certificate will be submitted
  • Contact the OH Office with any questions about sick leave, medical reporting, confidentiality, long term disability leave, WorkSafe B.C. claims, ICBC settlements or return to work

How do I participate in the Return to Work Program?

You may be eligible to participate in the Return to Work Program if you are returning from:

  • sick leave (short or extended)
  • WCB leave
  • Short Term Disability leave (this leave is known as W.I. and pertains only to Poly Party employees)
  • Long Term Disability (LTD) leave
  • You may even participate in the Program if you have not yet taken medical leave

What happens in the return to work process?

  • your return to work is based on medical reporting
  • you submit your physician’s recommendations as to your medical capacity to work
  • planning and implementation of the return to work plan is based on your physician’s recommendations and will involve you and your supervisor
  • the return to work process may also involve the Organizational Health Specialist, your union representative or association advocate, a WorkSafe B.C. case manager and others