Major initiatives


IT Services is excited to launch the Information Security Essentials training modules, giving SFU staff, faculty and students the tools they need to reduce the risk of fraud, scams or breaches; it’s a modern-day life skill in keeping your personal information safe.

The Information Security Essentials courses are intended to be fun, interactive, and a quick way for the learner to engage with the material. Quizzes are also available at the end to help test your knowledge. Courses will change every year to provide staff, faculty and students with a variety of topics to learn from. The courses are now LIVE and you can enroll at any time, and they are free for all SFU account holders (anyone with access to Canvas).

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Microsoft Teams and OneDrive now available at SFU

IT Services is pleased to announce that Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) and OneDrive are now available at SFU. These online collaboration apps provide spaces for digital teamwork by stitching together Microsoft productivity apps, such as Word or Excel, with Microsoft’s 365 cloud platform. Our long-term goal with Microsoft 365 is to open a more straightforward path for virtual teamwork and help consolidate the number of daily apps you may need to use. 

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April 2021 technical issue

To address a technical issue at SFU, remote access to on-campus computers and select services will require SFU's virtual private network (SFU VPN) as of April 25th, 2021. Many online resources will be unaffected by this change (such as Canvas, SFU Mail, Zoom, SFU Vault). For a list of impacted services, see the information below.

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Telephone System Core Infrastructure Upgrade

This year, SFU is embarking on a significant upgrade of its current telephone system that supports approximately 7500 telephony lines across all three Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver campuses. This upgrade will modernize SFU's 20 year old phone system and pave the way for a set of rich integrations with future systems (unified communication platforms, call centres, voice conferencing). Also included in this major update is the launch a new softphone client (a type of software-based phone) to enhance remote telework at SFU.

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On Tuesday, March 1st, 2021 IT Services was required to decommission SFU's legacy server in response to a serious technical issue with the service. IT Services has prepared alternative recommendations for those using and aims to support those with who need assistance.  

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