Information Security Standards

Procedures, Standards & Resources

Simon Fraser University (the "University") is committed to protecting the Digital Information and Electronic Systems that are critical to teaching, research, business operations, and other University activities that are vital to the work and communities we support.

As required under Policy GP 24: Acceptable Use and Security of Digital Information and Electronic Systems, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has published Information Security Standards that govern the use and protection of University data and computing resources.

All users of SFU Electronic Information and Systems are responsible for following these standards.   

No. Standard Purpose Scope Date Revised
01 Vulnerability Management Standard [PDF]
As SFU becomes more dependent on Electronic Systems to achieve new, strategic objectives and sustain ongoing operations, there is an increasing risk of disruption from potential exploitation of vulnerabilities in those systems. The purpose of this standard is to reduce the risk of compromise through a consistent and repeatable Vulnerability Management Program.
This standard applies to the Electronic Systems that provide or support SFU services hosted within SFU cloud, the campus network, third party data centers, and cloud service providers.
02 Logging and Monitoring Standard [PDF]
The purpose of this standard is to establish requirements for security logging, monitoring, and event management to detect unauthorized activities and enable incident investigation and response for SFU’s Digital Information and Electronic Systems.

This standard applies to the applications, servers, workstations, and infrastructure that provides or supports University services hosted within SFU Cloud, the corporate network, third party data centers, and cloud service providers. 

This standard is aimed at University IT staff.