Expanded gender identity options for students within goSFU

November 24, 2022

SFU has expanded the gender identity options available to students within our application system goSFU ( These expanded gender identity options are consistent with the province’s undergraduate application system EducationPlannerBC.

Current students can now select man, woman, non-binary or prefer not to disclose as their primary gender description. This section will appear on student transcripts. A second section is also now available to students in which they can select cisgender or transgender. This second section is only visible to the student and otherwise only used for reporting, policy development and program improvement processes.

It’s important to note that the information recorded within the goSFU student profile is only used to update student records and its collection is consistent with the SFU Privacy Disclosure.

As part of SFU’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, modernizing our systems and processes to provide more gender identity options for students is a crucial step.

To find out how to update your profile, please visit the Student Centre (goSFU) Guide. This update will be available to SFU employees at a later date.