A journey to improved WiFi

December 15, 2022

WiFi is a key ingredient of the campus experience. Working, learning, scrolling or engaging online all depends on it. So, IT Services is doing some pretty big things!

The team is thrilled to report that over the last few months our experts have made major WiFi progress. Thanks to our wonderful community, new data has helped us identify challenges and develop priorities, such as:

  1. Repairing a faulty security device
  2. Rerouting Zoom traffic through British Columbia
  3. Updating software versions
  4. Utilizing heat mapping to identify zones of poor WiFi reception

Although a ton has been accomplished, there’s always room to grow and ways you can help too. Here’s a few quick tips on how you too can help improve the SFU WiFi experience.

1. Talk with IT Services

Sarah, an SFU faculty member, gets strong WiFi in the classroom but it’s inconsistent in the office. Intermittent service can be frustrating so Sarah went straight to the experts. The more the experts know, the more they can help make improvements.

2. Get advice and check it twice

Sarah can check their operating system, device and network. Making sure operating system updates are complete and that the latest wireless drivers are installed (MacOS includes drivers as part of the Operating System updates) can make a significant difference to the performance of your wireless connection.

Sarah double checked that they’re connected to the SFUNET-SECURE Network. You can review setup instructions to make sure you’ve done it correctly. Check, check!

3. Give specifics to our experts

Sarah noticed the WiFi was now working consistently from their classroom to their office but there were still a few glitches. It can happen!

Follow up with IT Services and provide specifics on the challenges. The team can send out a heat mapping system to understand where WiFi strength is struggling and needs support. IT Services can also send a team member out directly to investigate. They walked their issues through with an IT expert and were able to determine the issue. Hurrah!

With that, please continue to help IT Services, help you by sharing your challenges with the experts so we can all contribute to an exceptional WiFi experience at SFU.

Visit WiFi Connectivity on ServiceHub for more information.