IT Services' new support system: ServiceHub

July 11, 2022

IT Services is committed to improving the digital experience for our community and this week is introducing ServiceHub as the new, streamlined support and ticketing platform. ServiceHub will improve the way you engage, explore and connect with IT support and resources.

Browse services that empower your work, find answers in our new knowledge base or quickly engage IT experts with our improved request platform.

Come and explore the modern hub of IT services at SFU.

New features include:

Service catalogue

An organized and actively maintained list of services available to our clients.

Client/customer portal

There is now a dedicated portal to interact with IT, report issues, order services and check ticket status - decreasing the reliance on email as the primary means of communication.

Custom forms and workflows

Services can have custom forms to capture specific information required to provide a service. Custom workflows will optimize request handling including the capability to configure approvals and automate assigned tasks to responsible person/groups. Both features will reduce the back and forth between support staff and clients and queue juggling between IT teams.

Enhanced reporting

Improved visibility into operations and service delivery. You can now build your own reports and dashboards that meet your needs or your management needs.

Dedicated knowledgebase

An organized content management feature with a direct relationship to the Service Catalogue. By promoting a viable self-help mentality, the number of incoming tickets will be reduced.

Have questions? Please see our collection of FAQs.

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