April 2021 technical issue

Updates and are now available. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. 

To address a technical issue at SFU, remote access to on-campus computers and select services will require SFU's virtual private network (SFU VPN) as of April 25th, 2021.

Many online resources will be unaffected by this change (such as Canvas, SFU Mail, Zoom, SFU Vault). For a list of impacted services, see the information below.

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The new steps you will need to take (impacted services)

FINS and myINFO 

Available to faculty and staff

FINS and myINFO are only available while connected to the SFU on-campus network. To remotely access these services, sign in to SFU's virtual private network and have your SFU account protected by multi-factor authentication

How can former employees access tax (T4) information with these changes?

Staff that have left SFU within the last two years can access SFU's virtual private network (SFU VPN) to sign in to myINFO for T4 information.

If you cannot use SFU VPN, the university is available to mail you your T4 information directly. Please contact SFU's payroll office at 778 782-8486 or email

Remote connections to on-campus computers 

Starting April 25th, 2021, you will need to sign in to SFU's virtual private network before remotely connecting to any on-campus computer (such as an office PC or Mac). 


Available to faculty and staff

For remote desktop connections to on-campus PC's see our online resources.

Secure Shell (SSH)

Available to faculty and staff

For remote SSH connections to on-campus devices, you will need an MFA-protected SFU account and be signed in to SFU VPN. To get started with both services, please see our online resources.


Available to faculty and staff

For remote connections to on-campus Mac computers see our online resources.

Student computer Labs

Available to students

Remote access to computer labs is unavailable at this time. If access is required, please visit the on campus lab.


Update: Access to was restored as of 8:00 PM (PDT), April 26th. 

Update: Access to was restored as of 8:00 PM (PDT), April 26th.


Why has SFU implemented this change?

As part of SFU’s ongoing efforts to improve IT security, a risk was identified with remote connections to on-campus computers and services. To proactively address this risk, select services are now only available through the SFU campus network. For remote access to the SFU campus network you must be signed in to SFU's virtual private network (SFU VPN) to ensure that additional security measures are in place.

How long will these changes be in effect?

Remote desktop connections

Remote desktop connections (such as accessing an on-campus PC or Mac) will require SFU VPN going forward. These changes accelerate the university's security plans announced on April 19.


SFU VPN will be the default way to remotely access these resources while not on-campus.


Access to goSFU was restored on April 26th.