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SFU Information Security Services are committed to developing a culture where all members of the SFU community actively shape and sustain cyber resilience to support the university in its teaching and research missions. We care as much about securing your information as you do, if not more. 


Jastej Aujla, Chief Information Security Officer

Jastej brings over 20 years’ experience in cyber security, risk management and compliance along with enterprise strategy development and execution. Before joining SFU, Jastej was the Director of IT Security, Risk, Compliance, & Resiliency at TransLink. Jastej’s extensive background in IT security and his cross-sector experience provides a unique perspective into the challenges that organizations face in building and evolving IT security programs.

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Don't get caught by a Phishing scam

By now, we’ve all experienced phishing attempts. Have you ever seen an email offering you a job or opportunity or the promise of a reward if you if you just ‘click here’? Many can be so realistic that it’s easy to mistake it for a legitimate message. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Learn the simple steps you can take to identify a phishing scam.

FREE Information Security Essentials course

Information Security Services recently launched the Information Security Essentials training modules, giving SFU staff, faculty and students the tools they need to reduce the risk of fraud, scams or breaches; it’s a modern-day life skill in keeping your personal information safe.

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