Report Phishing Scams and Suspicious Emails

Depending on the version of Microsoft Exchange Mail you are currently using, you can report phishing and suspicious emails to Information Security Services by following these instructions:  

Classic Version (Outlook on the Web)

Sending an Email Header

You can forward or report any phishing attempt you receive to If the phishing attempt is from or targets SFU, also include or forward the headers from that message.

1. Right-click on the e-mail in the message list and select "View Message Details".

2. A window will open with all the message details. Copy the message details and then close the window.

3. Forward the e-mail to with the message details included. To do so, click "Forward" under the 'Reply' tab.

4. In the "To" field, enter Paste the message details into the body of your forwarded message, then click "Send".

Microsoft Exchange Online (New Version)

By Report Button

  1. Click on the email you wish to report in your inbox or message list. You can also select multiple emails in the list by clicking on the check box.
  2. Hit the “Report” button on the menu located at the top.

If you have inquiries and other concerns, submit a ticket here and a representative from Information Security Services will assist you shortly.