Currently at SFU, Salesforce is implemented for 

  • Improving prospective and incoming students’ experience at SFU, and supporting strategic enrolment management university wide.
  • Improving the student experience as it relates to academic advising, international services, and financial assistance.
  • Lifelong Learning to track interactions with prospective students to courses and programs in various departments and supporting the overall enrollment goals.
  • Specific departments to better coordinate, manage and strengthen their relationships with external partners.

Prospective undergraduate students can:

  • Submit questions
  • Sign up for events and tours
  • Connect with an admissions advisor
  • Get information on admission requirements, academic programs, admission application, fees and scholarships, and Residence.

Undergraduate students can:

  • See who their advisors are
  • Book, cancel or reschedule an appointment for academic advising, with the International Services for Students department, and with the Financial Aid and Awards department
  • Connect with an advisor online with our LiveChat functionality
  • Get information on advising, international services, financial aid, and various student experiential opportunities such as co-operative education.

Staff can:

  • Track all interactions with constituents
  • Provide event and tour management
  • Manage communication campaigns and measure its effectiveness
  • Improve office efficiencies by automating processes
  • Measure effectiveness by creating reports and dashboards on any information/data stored in Salesforce