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Vision for SFU Information Systems

Our shared future for all IT at SFU requires unification of the vast and diverse array of people, processes, data, and technologies together into a seamless system. We are referring to this vision for all Information Systems (I.S.) at the University as One I.S. To read the Vision for SFU Information Systems, click here.

Mobile Strategy @ SFU

The SFU community expects access to information services anytime and anywhere. To meet these expectations the Mobile Strategy @ SFU was created.  The strategy will focus on access, not assets and will leverage mobile technology and user-centric capabilities, as appropriate, for campus information services. To read the Mobile Stratgy @ SFU, click here.

Cloud Computing Strategy

This strategy defines SFU's approach for assessing cloud computing opportunities and risks by weighing the potential value against the full cost of ownership that incorporates security, privacy law compliance, and life cycle management costs (including capital, licensing, support and ever-greening). To read SFU's Cloud Computing Strategy, click here.

Stewardship Model

The stewardship model provides the terms of reference and structure for information systems stewardship at Simon Fraser University. It will also link stewardship to the project management process. The objective of this stewardship model is to define roles and responsibilities for institutional decision-making for information systems.  The stewardship process is designed to work within the framework of the University‚Äôs strategic plan. To read SFU's Stewardship Model, click here.