Parking passes are only available for residents at the Burnaby campus.  

Parking option 1:  Main Lot, 700 and 900 Townhouse lots. Purchase a pass for a specific lot. If you are parked on one of the other lots, you will receive a ticket. Rate is $230.40 per term.

Parking Option 2: Residence West Lot (the gravel lot past the townhouses). Passes for this lot can only park in this lot. Rate is $184.32

Parking Option Family Housing only: Limited stalls are available in the parkade at Family Housing. Parking passes are available on a first-come first served basis. Rate is $307.20 per term. 

*Please note that rates are subject to change without notice.  Rates can be viewed on SFU Parking Rates as monthly rate x 4 for the term. No taxes are applied for residents' parking.

Parking passes for residents are available per term for purchase through MyPlace@SFU.

The vehicle must be registered in the resident's name or in their guardian's name; a copy of insurance papers will be required. Residents are expected to follow the rules and regulations laid out by SFU Parking servicesIt is the vehicle's owner who is responsible for knowing the rules, regulations, guidelines and expiry dates.

To avoid being ticketed and/or towed, please respect the following guidelines:  (this is not an exhaustive list - refer to SFU Parking Services Policies)

  • Only park in the parking lots applicable to your pass
  • Your pass is tied to your licence plate: please update the front desk if you license changes
  • Have your guest(s) purchase parking for other lots on campus through parking services.
  • Read and obey the signs in the parking lots