Physics - Life in the Department

Contact Information

Department members should ensure their contact information is up to date with the university and the department. To make changes:

  1. Login to myINFO
  2. Notify the Physics Administrative Assistant:
    • 778-782-4310

Department Photos

New department members and members without a departmental photo should attend a scheduled photo shoot. Photos are free for members and will be used on the department website and photo board. Photo shoots are typically scheduled in the fall, but other sessions may be added in the Spring and/or Summer as needed.

Kitchen and Lounge

The Physics kitchen (adjacent to the Physics General Office) contains a refrigerator, espresso machine, and microwave for department member use. Please label any food you put in the fridge.

There is a nominal fee for coffee and tea. You can keep a running tab on a card to be paid later, or pay per use in the cup next to the espresso machine. Before using the espresso machine for the first time, please see David Broun for a tutorial.

The Physics Lounge, located behind the kitchen, is a place for department members to meet, eat, and socialize, as well as a repository of books, periodicals, and theses.

Social Events

Physics social events are open to all department members.

Event When and Where Notes
Coffee Time 10:00 am every Thursday in Spring and Fall terms outside the physics office Coffee and treats provided by the department
Poster Sessions February (grad students) and August (undergrad summer students)

August session includes BBQ and softball game (faculty and staff vs. students)

Food provided by department, alcohol contibuted by faculty members

Summer Kickoff BBQ May or June

Welcomes undergraduate summer research students

BBQ courses provided by the department, sides contributed by department members

Summer Picnic July in a local park

Family members welcome

BBQ hot dogs and burgers provided by the department, sides and desserts contributed by department members

Welcome-back BBQ and Slideshow September

Introduces new department members including grad students

Slide show comprises two-minute presentations by faculty members introducing their research programs to new members

BBQ courses provided by the department, alcohol contributed by faculty members

Christmas Party Late November or early December

Family members welcome

Usually includes an activity (eg. curling or bowling) followed by a buffet dinner