Physics - Resources


Keys and cards are collected from Access Control and require photo ID and a refundable deposit. Department members will be assigned keys and/or cards to:

  • Their offices and/or labs
  • The department kitchen

Lost Keys

Report lost keys to Campus Security as soon as possible. Deposits on lost keys will be withheld and replacement keys will require a deposit at double the usual rate.

Printing and Photocopying

Small jobs can be sent to the office photocopier directly from your computer using SFU Print (charges apply).

For instructions on how to use the printer, see "Using SFU Print" on the SFU Print how-to guide.

For Bulk printing, please submit requests to, the office staff will submitted jobs to Document Solutions. Please allow for multiple days to process. 

Teaching and Research Supplies

Supplies related to teaching and research are available from:


  • To purchase items from Science Stores, see your supervisor to create an account
  • Items for personal use unrelated to teaching or research are not covered by the department

Books and Printed Materials

The following books and materials are available for sign out from the Physics Administrative Assistant:

  • Physics books, periodicals, and theses (located in the Physics Library)
  • Desk Copies of all textbooks used in classes (reserved for TA and Instructor use)

Mail and Courier

SFU-related courier orders can be arranged through staff in the Front Office. Larger packages can be shipped through Science Receiving. Personal courier orders will not be covered by the department. SFU-related external mail and personal external mail with sufficient postage can be dropped off at the Front Counter. There is a full-service Canada Post outlet (offering domestic and international courier services) at Nester's Market, located at the Hub building, adjacent to the Cornerstone Building.

The Machine Shop

Department members have access to the Physics machine shop which includes a mill, lathes, drill presses and more. All users must complete mandatory training before using the shop (see the departmental Training and Safety page for more information).