TechTeams is our first year mentorship program and an integral part of helping students transition in to SIAT. Our mentors, with the support of our academic advising team, provide first year students with the opportunity to participate in the university community by offering weekly workshops that cover different aspects of university life such as:

  • What to expect in your first year
  • Information about co-op
  • Insights from senior students
  • Learning about campus resources
  • Help with course planning

TechTeams offers a relaxing and fun environment and is an opportunity to meet fellow students. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Meet your TechTeam mentors for Fall 2022

Rain - Third Year IAT student

Hi everyone, my name is Rain (she/her)! I’m a third-year BA SIAT student and I’ll be one of the TechTeam Leaders for the upcoming Fall semester. I’m an international student who started her journey at FIC and transferred to SIAT major, so I am aware how challenging it could be to be a first-year student. I remember often feeling lost within a major institution like SFU, so I would be happy to help make your journey as smooth as possible. To break the ice here are couple of things about me: I love reading fiction books, playing digital cozy games and trying new foods from all around the world. I’m really excited to meet and get to know all of you! See you in fall!

Amanda - Second Year IAT student

Hello first-years, welcome to SIAT! I’m so excited to meet you all. My name is Amanda (she/her), second-year BSc SIAT student and one of your TechTeam Leaders! I’m from Victoria, BC, and moved to Vancouver during my first year. I know transitioning to university (and to a new city) can be challenging or stressful — which is why we’re here to support you! After graduation, I’d like to do graphic or UX/UI design, or maybe teach design at a high school level. I love movies, musicals, drawing, desserts, and flooding my camera roll with sky pictures. Feel free to say hi anytime!

Therese - Second Year IAT students

Hiya friends! I'm Therese (she/her)! I am a second year SIAT student, and I am super excited to be one of your TechTeams leaders this year! Welcome to SIAT! I remember how overwhelming it was for me when I first came to SFU. I hope that I can help make your transition into university a bit easier! A little bit about me is that I have an interest in all things design, graphic design, web design, fashion design, cake design (but I am not very good at it) and I have a strange love for Photoshop. Again, welcome to SFU and I can’t wait to meet you in the new year!

TechTeams Spring 2022 Schedule: TBA

Location: Studio A

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