FASS Mentorship in Burnaby

Connect with your peers

Are you attending SFU Burnaby campus in Spring 2024 (January) term or in your first one or two years of study (at SFU)? The FASS mentorship program connects newer students with senior FASS undergraduate students through social and academic activities. Participating in a program, either as a mentor or mentee, provides you an opportunity to get involved outside of the classroom and engage with your peers.

Get to know our mentors

We have mentors in most departments and programs in FASS and they are thrilled to meet you.

Why become a FASS mentee as a new student?

Be part of a safe space

FASS Mentorship program provides an enriching and safe space for students to make friends, expand their networks, and blossom in their academic careers.

Make new friends

Connect with your peers in your academic programs and form friendships that could last a lifetime. Being well-connected to a network of peers will significantly enrich your SFU experience.

Get involved in the SFU community

Why not take advantage of the resources offered by SFU and get involved with the community? Be guided by a mentor with shared experiences.

Get paired with a mentor, and become a mentee

Sign up today to be paired with an upper year FASS student (peer mentor) in your intended program! 

Want to join our 2024 mentor team? 

Return to this website in February to apply! We post our application on myinvolvement.sfu.ca. For more information click here

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