Co-op, Volunteer & Career Opportunities

Join in and learn by doing. Gain work or volunteer experience, and get a head-start on your career.

Learn by doing


While enrolled as a student, start here for short-term work placements with employers. Co-op positions apply academic skills and build experiences to broaden career horizons. Learn more

Work-Study Program

The Work-Study Program is an opportunity to participate in research-based projects and earn supplemental income. Gain valuable experience by connecting with different community members and building a co-curriculum record of involvement at SFU. Learn more

Career Services

Career Services offers one-on-one advising, workshops, job postings, career fairs and recruitment information sessions designed for personal development in career planning. Start early and attend opportunities offered by Career Services in your first year to maximize your career potential. Learn more

Gain experience

Get Involved

Find peer-focused and peer-leadership volunteer opportunities, including some paid positions. Learn more


Whether you like to be behind-the-scenes creating or front-and-centre speaking, there is a volunteer opportunity for everyone. Learn more

Student Clubs and organizations

Joining a student club is a long-time tradition at SFU. It is a great way to take a healthy break from studying with friends that share a similar interest or hobby. Learn more